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Top 11 Best Different Types of Diets Goes Viral

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Top 11 Best Different Types of Diets Goes Viral
Top 11 Best Different Types of Diets Goes Viral

Top 11 Best Different Types of Diets Goes Viral

Since all different diets are higher in rank, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for trying. The Reality is that no diet is best for everyone. It depends upon the person. What works for you may not work for someone else.

1.Atkins Diet

Those who go for the Atkins diet change their food intake lifetime, i.e., the restriction of processed and refined carbohydrates. In the Atkins diet, dieters are encouraged to have nutrient-rich unprocessed food.
e.g., meat.

During the second phase, the diet restrictions are relieved a little. Here, carbohydrate levels are allowed to increase as some vegetables are allowed. This phase is relatively easy for dieters. Once the weight goal is achieved in this phase, the dieters reach a critical carb level for maintenance.

Different Types of Diets Foods Allowed:

Meat, cheese, eggs, and fats (like butter and oils). This diet type is against all other diet types as meet, cheese intake is allowed.

2.Blood Type Diet

Experts believe the diet should be according to the blood type of a person. The type of food a person consumes should coincide with the blood type. Studies show people with A are vegetarians. This is due to thicker blood than other groups. Of course, the diet should be fruits and vegetables, i.e., high carbohydrate and low fat. These people should refrain from fatty foods like meat, dairy products.

Blood type diet B group should have a diet containing vegetables and animal proteins in the right proportion. O blood type diet group are basically carnivores and should eat high protein food such as red meats, fruits, and vegetables. But people can have different nutritional requirements due to some other variables. Studies show that there can be such a diet according to the type of blood-based on how the blood interacts with our diet.

3.Cereal Diet

A cereal diet is a lite diet rich in fiber and whole grains. In weight loss, there are different types of diets, and cereal diet is one of them and

Each cereal meal contains about 400 calories, which is comparatively less to what is taken in calories during meals. This results in a weight loss of about a pound after a week.

Cereals include barley, rye, oat, maize or corn, wheat.
If you want to work out this diet for weight loss, eating two such meals will help. For two weeks, the dieter needs to strictly follow this diet to have good results at the end of the week. Sticking to this diet plan gives great results, experts say.

Some experiments on similar lines were done for this. People who ate one low-sugar serving half a cup of skim milk lost significant weight after a week. A fruit serving is allowed for breakfast. Thus with a cereal diet, 500 calories are eaten less than generally taken at mealtime. Thus affecting the weight in a week.

4.Gluten-Free Diet

What is celiac disease? People who fail to tolerate a protein, namely ‘gluten,’ where the small intestine is damaged. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley. After consuming such food items containing ‘gluten,’ the small intestine gets damaged for people with celiac disease. Small protrusions on the lining of the small intestine are lost due to this gluten intake in celiac disease cases. These small protrusions are called ‘villi.’ If these villi are damaged, a person is considered malnourished- regardless of the quantity of food intake.

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Following a gluten-free diet is the treatment for celiac disease. Experts advise eliminating all the food items containing this particular protein called ‘gluten.’ Avoiding wheatbarleyand rye will help the patient feel better in 6 months. In the case of elders, it may take about 2 years for intestine healing.

The small intestine damage is stopped, and health is improved as a gluten-free diet is increased. This intake of a gluten-free diet should be for a lifetime. This heals the small intestine, and the villi are kept intact.

Studies show that people suffering from celiac diseases sometimes don’t respond to the gluten-free diet because their intestine is severely damaged, and they cannot absorb enough nutrients.

5.Detox Diet

The detox diet helps eliminate toxins from your body. This is a strict diet with vegetables, fruits and fruit juices, and water. There are many different diets to eliminate toxins from your body, but the detox diet is the first on the diets list.

Many dieters will agree to this as a hard-to-manage diet. Detox diet purifies the body from chronic ailments. The results are seen fast, and dieters feel very fresh and purified. Some chronic ailment symptoms will be disappeared.

The dieter has to go three days without eating food and is allowed to drink only water. You cannot move to extreme climates, and you must stay with activity to a minimum.

After this tough stage, you can eat only one type of fruit—e.g., Melon in the breakfast. During lunch hours, you are allowed to eat a grapefruit. Before dinner, the dieter should have a glass of carrot juice. You can have as many fruits as you wish for dinner, but only one type of fruit.

A hard to manage diet but a very effective one!

6.Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit diet contains a meal rich in protein, and the source of protein comes from grapefruit. The grapefruit diet is one of the different types of a weight-loss diet.

The grapefruit diet is one of the fad diets, an old way to lose weight quickly but is nutrient deficient. With this grapefruit diet, people will lose about 12 -20 pounds in the first two weeks. If the dieter returns to the old eating habits, again the lost weight will be gained.


Plain coffee or tea and half a grapefruit.


Two eggs are allowed with half a grapefruit – e.g., Cucumber and tomato salad with vinegar, lemon.


With half a grapefruit, 4-6 ounces of chicken or beef are allowed for dinner. Half a head of lettuce and tomato with vinegar, lemon, herbs dressing, Plain tea, or water.

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These restrictions allow the dieter to eat less than 800 cal a day. This is the obvious reason for weight loss.

7.Low Carb Diet

Unlike other diets, the low-carb diet actually changes your metabolism to help you lose weight. The low carb diet is one of the popular diets of weight-loss diets called the keto diet.

The diet consists of minimal carbohydrate intake, some roughage to help with digestion, and plenty of protein and fat! This intake causes our body to enter ‘Ketosis,’ which is important for fat metabolism. So if you don’t change the diet plan other than a low-carb diet for some specific time period, you will find it one of the best plans to lose weight. This low-carb diet is based on human physiology and how our body converts burning sugars to burning stored fats in times of starvation.

It consists of carb intake as less than 20 gm per day. Carbohydrates increase insulin content and other hormones that regulate enzymes which leads to the storage of fat. But by starving yourself a little, you do due to less carb content in the diet. The fat gets burnt naturally in the metabolism process. Thus metabolism helps you get naturally rid of excess weight, but one must be very careful in carb intake. A high-carb diet may result in more sugar production in the blood, leading to a high risk of cancer.

In a low-carb diet, one should eliminate the following items: sugar, pasta, potato, fruit, rice.

For whom

A low-carb diet is not meant for everyone. One needs to have a very strict carb intake(20 gm’s per day) while trying this diet plan. This diet causes weight loss by using the body’s natural metabolism. i.e., converting the stored fats for energy. In this plan, fats and proteins are allowed as carb intake is very less to help metabolism get better results in weight loss. If you are suffering from High Blood Pressure, please don’t go for a Low-carb diet to reduce weight.

Anyone who exercises for more than an hour at a stretch could risk hypoglycemic shock because the body cannot convert sugar quickly enough to keep up with demand. A low-carb plan is not suitable for those under medication or taking treatment for high blood pressure.

8.Negative Calorie Diet

The principle behind the Negative Calorie Diet is that calorie content is shallow and more calories are burned in the digestive process than are gained from food being digested. Such items are carrots, green cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, asparagus, blueberries, and cantaloupes. The surplus of vitamins stored in these food items creates reaction indigestion which eventually leads to weight loss.

A word of caution:

Dieters should not base their diet completely on this plan but keep this diet as snacks. It is more theoretical than practical as only negative calorie food alone can’t be enough to create permanent weight loss.

9.South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is different from other diets because it teaches a way of life where you rely on carbohydrates and fats. These different types of diets work in phases.

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South beach diet also helps to get rid of food cravings. Your body fact like stomach, thighs, and his will be thinner, the number on the scales will go downward.

South Beach Diet – Carbohydrate restriction

The phase that lasts for about two weeks is the hardest part of this diet. You will be eliminating fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, sugar, alcohol, and baked goods from your diet for the first two weeks.

Low-glycemic-index vegetables are accepted as well as Eggs, Low-fat Cheese and nuts. Dieters should expect to lose somewhere between 8 pounds. Below is the list of food allowed according to phases.

Phase 1 diet-plan:


Protein, Vegetables(min half cup), fruit-none, starch-none, milk-none, fat-one teaspoon mayonnaise or oil (optional).


Protein (quantity not limited), veg:2 cups, fruits & starch: none, milk: none, fat:1 tablespoon of mayonnaise or oil.


Protein(unlimited), veg:min 2 cups, fruit-none, milk-none, starch-none. fat:1 tablespoon full mayonnaise or oil.

In Phase 2, a few banned foods are slowly introduced, while weight loss is around 1-2 pounds per week. It would help if you remained focused on it until you lost your expected amount of weight.


Protein, vegetables: min half cup, fruit-1 fruit serving allowed daily(can gradually increase the servings).

Starch-a serving allowed daily, milk-1 cup allowed daily, fat-one teaspoon mayonnaise or oil (optional).


Protein (quantity not limited), vegetables: 2 cups, fruits: 1 serving allowed daily & starch: 1 serving allowed daily, milk: 1 to 1.5 cups allowed daily, fat:1 tablespoon of mayonnaise or oil.


Protein(unlimited), veg: min. 2 cups, fruit-1 fruit serving allowed daily(can gradually increase it to 3 servings), milk-1 to 1.5 cups allowed daily, starch-1 serving allowed. Fat: 1 tablespoon full of mayonnaise or oil.

In phase 3, which is for a lifetime, one needs to follow the same in phase two and restrict the carbohydrate intake to a minimum and say goodbye to junk food to remain healthy.

10.Weight Gain Diet

Most people are behind in losing weight due to many reasons. But some are underweight. This is also an unhealthy state which is responsible for many diseases.

Experts say additional 500 cal a day is the optimum calorie intake for such people. Of course, healthy habits, nutrition-rich food are helpful. Hence, a weight gain diet revolves around an additional 500 cal intake a day, consisting of milk, banana, chopped nuts, fruit juices, etc. Scientists say a weight gain in a healthy fashion requires calorie-dense yet nutritious food.

  • Breakfast: Chopped nuts, banana, a cup of milk, fruits, and juices.
  • Lunch: 2 sliced tomatoes, olives, mixed salad leaves, 2 teaspoons full of olive oil, sesame seeds.
  • Allowed multiple snacks.
  • Must eat a sensible dinner.

A monthly weight check according to height is necessary.

In Conclusion

This is the list of diets which are popular nowadays, you have to choose because different types of diets are available, but there is no perfect diet. Different diets work for different people, and you need to choose according to your lifestyle and wants.

The ultimate diet for you is the one that you can follow in the long term.

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