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9 Best Slimming World Free Foods List of 2022

by GetHealthyShape
Top 9 Best Slimming World Free Foods List of 2021

Top 9 Best Slimming World Free Foods List of 2021

Are you a foodie, and do you worry about the fat in your body or eat a lot, but your hunger is not satisfied? Then here are some slimming world-free food lists that satisfy your hunger and help you lose weight or a better version of yourself.

What is Slimming World Free Foods?

Free food is an important part of the slimming world plan. These foods help increase your diet. Free foods don’t contain a sync value, and we can eat as much as we can until our stomach is full.

For a healthy life, most of your meals should contain free food first. Healthy and full dishes of food are what will help you lose weight.

The best part to eat free foods are:
  • Eat Unlimited Foods Until Full at any time.
  • No Need to Measure or Weigh.

Here are 9 Slimming World Syn List or Slimming World Free Foods.

Dairy – Slimming World Free Foods

slimming world syns list

Dairy is a great source of vitamins, calcium, and protein. Dairy products are loaded, including carbohydrates, calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, B12, niacin, potassium, and riboflavin. Here is the slimming world food list of Vegetables-

Fat-free natural Skyr
Fat-free natural from age frais
Low fat/ Virtually fat-free cottage
Fat-free yogurt
Plain quark

Fruits – Slimming World Free Fruit List

Slimming World Free Fruit List

Almost all fruits are free foods, and it’s best to add to your breakfast and snacks. You can add in your cereals to enhance the nutrients of your meal. Here is the slimming world free fruit list.

Apricots Custard Apples
Apples Cranberries
Blackberries Dragon Fruit
Black Currants Damsons
Bananas Figs
Blueberries Grapes
Clementines Grapefruit
Cherries Gooseberries
Carambola (Star Fruit) Guava

Meat/ Poultry – Slimming World Free Foods

I know you are thinking about why I add meat to the slimming world syns list. Meat is also free food, but you have to eat lean or trimmed cuts of meat to keep them free. Even bacon medallions may need some more trimming.

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Here is the slimming world free foods list for meat or poultry.

Beef mince, lean, 5% fat or less Lamb
Bacon (back/ very lean) Liver
Beef Oxtail
Chicken (skinless) Partridge
Duck Pheasant
Gammon Pigeon
Goat Pork
Grouse Pork mince, lean
Guinea Fowl Quail
Ham Rabbit
Hare Turkey
Heart Venison
Kidney Veal

Meat Replacements – Slimming World Free Foods 

If you are a vegetarian who can eat meat, you can try other slimming world-free foods, including meal replacements.

Here is the slimming world free foods list for Meat Replacements.

Textured vegetable protein
Quorn mince & pieces
Soya protein (made with defatted soya)
Tofu, naturally smoked & plain

Sea Food – Slimming World Free Foods 

slimming world syns list

If you like to eat fish, then good news for you. Most fishes come under the slimming world essentials list- Fish is a great source of protein because of the white meat and other benefits like omega fatty acids, which are healthy for your body.

Here is the slimming world food list of seafood.

Oily Fish:

Herrings Rollmop herring
Crap Sardines, canned in brine
Mackerel (unsmoked) Sardines, fresh
Kippers Trout
Pilchards Sprats
Salmon Tuna


Clams Mussels
Abalone Octopus
Cockles Oysters
Crab Prawns
Crayfish Scallops
Lobster Squid
Cuttlefish Whelks

White Fish:

Cod Monkfish
Bream Mullet
Coley Plaice
Dab Pollock
Dover Sole Red snapper
Haddock (smoked) River cobbler
Hake Sea bass
Halibut Tilapia
John Dory Turbot
Hoki Whiting
Lemon sole Flounder

Fish Products:

Cod Roe
Herring Roe
Crab Sricks

Pasta/ Rice/ Grains – Slimming World Free Foods

Grains are packed with nutrients including protein, fiber, vitamins B, antioxidants, and trace minerals (magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper). A meal rich in whole grains has been shown to reduce obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Here is the slimming world food list of Pasta/ Rice/ Grains.

Bulger wheat
Dried Pasta, All colors
Dried Noodles, Plain
Dried Pasta, whole wheat/wholemeal
Pearl Barley

Starchy/ Veg/ Peas/ Beans – Slimming World Free Foods

Green beans, snap beans, and peas are rich sources of vitamins A, C, and K add cognates fiber and folic acid. Peas and Beans are also free foods that you can eat as much as you can in your weight loss journey.

Facts on Green Beans and Peas

Here are some key points about green beans and Peas. More detail and supporting information are in the main article.

  • There are 130 plus varieties of green beans.
  • Green beans are a rich source of vitamins A, C, and K
  • It is important to drain and rinse canned beans to reduce the sodium content.
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Here is the slimming world-free foods list of Beans and Peas.

Baked Beans Mung Beans
Aduki Beans Peas, canned/ fresh /frozen
Borlotti Beans Peas, Marrowfat
Black Eye Beans Peas, Mushy
Butter Beans Peas, Petit Pois
Chickpeas Peas, Processed
Cannellini Beans Pinto Beans
Eddoes Red Kidney Beans
Flageolet Beans Soya Beans
Haricot Beans Split Peas
Lentils, green/brown Taro
Lentils, red Broad Beans

Drinks – Slimming World Free Foods

slimming world syns list

Free also includes drinks, and it is important to stay hydrated in your weight loss journey. Just remember to drink low-calorie drinks and do not add artificial sugar to your drinks. You can choose fruits in the upper section and make a smoothie with them and believe me, smoothies are much better than normal drinks, and for weight loss, Smoothies are the smartest choice for you.

Here is the slimming world free foods list of Drinks.

Cordial/ Squash, no added sugar
Coffee, black
Low calorie/sugar-free carbonated drinks
Mineral water, still/ sparkling, plain
Smoothies with no added artificial sugar
Tea, black/green
Tea, herbal infusions

Vegetables – Slimming World Free Foods

slimming world syns list

Vegetables are a great source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Always add vegetables to your meals, because this is the only healthy food you can eat regularly, with interesting and delicious vegetable dishes on the table and a variety of them.

Talking about weight loss, Vegetables are the best and healthiest source of protein you can get. Here is the slimming world food list of Vegetables-

Amaranth leaves Green Beans
Alfalfa sprouts Herbs
Artichokes Kale
Asparagus Lettuce
Aubergine Leeks
Baby sweetcorn Marrow
Beetroot Mangetout
Bamboo shoots Mixed Salad Leafs
Bean sprouts Mushrooms
Bitter ground (Kerala) Onion
Broccoli Okra
Brussels sprouts Parsnips
Butternut squash Pak choi
Capers Peppers
Cabbage Plantain
Carrots Potatoes
Cassava Pumpkin
Cauliflower Radicchio
Celeriac Rocket
Celery Radishes
Chard Runner beans
Chicory Shallots
Chilies Samphire
Chinese leaf Spinach
Courgettes Spring onions
Cucumber Spring greens
Endive Sugar snap peas
Fannel Sweetcorn
Gherkins Watercress
Garlic Vine leaves

In Conclusion

I hope you decide to start eating free foods. Suppose you like the slimming world-free foods list. Then make sure to share with your family and friends who need these free foods to lose weight and drop a comment. What about your thoughts about free foods.

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