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Best 35 Calorie Popcorns For Weight Loss: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

by GetHealthyShape
Best 35 calorie popcorns for weight loss: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best 35 calorie popcorns for weight loss: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

A recent report shows that many people deal with weight loss every day, making it hard even to consume snacks such as popcorns comfortably. Not all popcorn helps weight loss. Sorry, it is a bitter truth—the addition of some additives while the popcorn’s preparation reduces the usefulness of popcorn. Yet, some popcorns in the market lose weight as well. However, worry no more since this piece will recommend the best 35 calorie popcorns that fit weight loss. We have pinned down the 10 best 35 calorie popcorn products with healthy nutrients and fibers.

Best 35 calorie popcorn for weight loss

When we talk about snacks, one always comes to mind, guess what that- yes that is popcorn. So let’s sit together in order to know about what popcorns are, their usage during weight loss, and the best 35 calorie popcorns that are good for weight loss. Popcorn is the most in demand and oldest munch worldwide that is used to obtain after popping a particular kind of flinty or vitreous maize.

You might be thinking about how popcorns are useful when you are trying to lose weight. Are they really healthy during weight loss? Yes, it is, because it is high in fiber and low in calories as in contrast with other snack items unless you drenched it in Butter. Popcorn is a whole grain, it has good dietetics figures. It is low in calories and has antioxidants. It is high in fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. It includes low fat and sugar and contains no cholesterol.

So for losing weight by cutting calories, takingpopcorn on a diet would be a great idea. Depending on the seasoning one popcorn cup may hold 23 to 50 calories. Just follow your diet plan and you will surely lose weight.


1- Jolly Time Simply Popped Sea Salt popcorn

Jolly Time popcorn bag contains 2.5 servings that deliver eleven cups of popped popcorns, making it an excellent choice for movie nights. All the ingredients are natural and free from milk products hence a good choice for vegetarians. It features 35 calories per cup. It is Gluten-free and Lactose-free. Its purely made of Natural ingredients. It is healthy and taste. The poor popping may make them greasy.


  • 100% natural
  • No side effects
  • Boosts immunity
  • Easy to prepare
  • Gluten-free and Lactose-free.


  • Might be greasy

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2- LOVE CORN | Sea Salt, Smoked BBQ,

LOVE CORN – Sea Salt, Smoked BBQ,-flavored popcorns with 35 calories per cup. The core ingredients behind this snack are coconut oil and heartland corn. Besides, they are free from trans-fats, gluten, and GMO corn. The popcorns are whole grains with high fiber content hence the best choice for weight loss. It is bounce pack, contains high-fiber content and is naturally nutritious. It contains no preservatives and it is very delicious. However, it may contain food dyes.

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  • Contains no additives
  • Very tasty
  • Free from gluten
  • Boosts metabolism
  • High fiber content


  • May contain dyes

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3- Quinn Microwave Popcorn

Quinn Microwave Popcorn, is among the best 35 calorie popcorns due to their health benefits. These snacks are gluten-free, non-GMO, and have low-fat content. Besides, they are tasty and match a weight loss journey. They are Tiny calories but have big flavor. They are microwaveable whole grain corns with fresh flavor. As a con, it is available in one flavor


  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Low-fat content
  • Very delicious
  • Enhances immune system



  • It has just one flavour

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4- Better Made Special Popcorn

This snack is another top best 35 calorie popcorn from POPPOP manufacturers. The core ingredients are coconut oil and heartland corn. Also, this snack is whole grain, has high fiber content, and is free from preservatives for health reasons. It is Gluten and trans-fats free. This is a 5-ounce popcorns.


  • No trans fats
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-gmo corn
  • Whole grain
  • High fiber
  • No preservatives
  • Very delicious
  • 100% Natural
  • FDA approved


  • Single flavour

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5- Smartfood Simply White Cheddar Popcorns

Get the best 35 calorie popcorn from Smartfood. The 156g snack pack features healthy ingredients which help you control your weight and remain healthy. Its high fiber content and low-fat content improve your strength. It has No trans-fat, is Gluten-free and contains no preservatives or food dyes. It is light-textured and delicious flavor. However, it is easy to prepare, but the fat content is a bit higher compared to other options.


  • High fiber content
  • Low-fat content
  • No trans-fat
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no preservatives
  • No food dyes
  • Very delicious flavor.


  • Slightly high fat contents

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6- Pop Daddy Flavored Popcorn Gourmet

This top-class US-made brand has 35 calories per cup, salty-cum-buttery flavour, and zero palm oil usage. It is also available in small packing; it will lose weight if consumed properly. Our brand loyal consumers love to eat it frequently. Once you eat it, you will make it your habit for sure.

Crunchy and salty, exploding with buttery flavor. Just like you’re at the movies. Need we say more.


  • Excellent taste
  • Gluten free
  • Nut free
  • Boosts metabolism rate
  • Easy to prepare


  • Artificial flavours

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7- Quinn Movie Night Popcorn

The popcorn includes organic ingredients only. Popcorn- A pure whole grain with natural antioxidants. This particular product is known for being a zero-calorie food item which is the best thing about it. You feel no hunger when you consume it. Many dieticians recommend this meal to drop the body weight. Heart patients should avoid its intake.


  • Contains antioxidants
  • Natural
  • Zero-calorie
  • Quick weight loss action
  • Delicious taste


  • Not good for people with Heart problem

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8- Skinnygirl Microwave Popcorn

The name of this popcorn unfolds the whole story itself. It has about 30 to 35 calories per cup popped, only 6g fat, etc. Patients suffering from severe complications should use it in less quantity. This popcorn is a perfect partner of loneliness. Intake of butter and sea-salt flavour helps you acquiring a hot and skinny body shape.


  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Low-fat content
  • Very delicious
  • Enhances immune system


  • Not FDA endorsed

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9- Black Jewell Popcorn

If you don’t feel friendly feelings with salt and can’t deal with oily popcorn products, this product is prepared only for you. You won’t imagine the complete packet contains just 100 calories. Black Jewell Popcorn contains no salt so that every individual won’t like this flavour, but this product is best for those who desire instant weight loss.


  • Quick action
  • Does not cause cramps
  • Very delicious
  • Easy to prepare
  • Gluten-free
  • Boosts the immune system


  • Variable tastes

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10- BoomChickaPop Popcorn

The popcorn’s per serving includes 35 calories per cup, 10 mg cholesterol, 3g protein, etc. No inorganic ingredient is being used in the product; customer friendliness has always been considered a prerequisite. The best feature is it owns a pure butter, not butter flavour. Constant grazing is one of the major cons if adopted by the consumer end.


  • Gluten-free Snacks
  • Highly Nutritional ingredients
  • Low cholesterol
  • Enhances metabolic rate
  • Very tasty


  • Requires constant grazing

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Benefits of  calorie popcorn

Popcorn can be a fit and satisfying food altogether year-round if you select the true popcorn interests. If you are wary of eating the same taste mixtures, check out these strong, low-calorie, and original popcorn coatings for motivation. Popcorn is a low-calorie food; it’s also a simple food for extra eating, and it can quickly develop unnaturally.


Popcorn can be healthy when producers or persons make it the most acceptable way. Air-popped popcorn with no fat offers the finest health benefits. People can air-pop popcorn by cooking popcorn seed in a popcorn manufacturer or an oven.


Numerous people will be more used to intake popcorn at the film with coatings or flavours. These added trimmings incline to have little nutritious value. Warm popcorn may also cover tastes, and the belongings can have impurities.


Full-grain benefits


  • Popcorn is a complete grain, which refers to a collection of kernels that come from yields. Different advanced grains producers have treated to eliminate the fibre and origin, and whole scraps comprise the entire grain seed, also called the source. These incomes that complete grains cover nutritional strength, protein, vitamins, and beneficial fats.


  • Additional samples of food complete with whole grains include chocolate rice, whole lunchtime bread.
  • Strength cause


  • As a complete grain, popcorn is extraordinary in strength, worthy of intestinal fitness and helping steady actions.
  • Protein foundation


  • The body desires protein for numerous procedures, from folk setting and unsolidified stability to protected reply and dream. Each chamber in the body covers protein, and it has a central role in structure and mending lockups and figure matters.


  • Based on its training, popcorn can be a healthy food.
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  • When air-popped and unsalted, popcorn covers sufficiently of the strength, vitamins, and minerals that the body wants. That supposed additional lard, honey, and salty can mark popcorn a harmful food.


  • Individuals with diabetes worry about producing sufficient or existence complex acceptable to the insulin pedalling the sugar stages in the plasma.


  • Since starches interrupt sugars once they are in the body, people with diabetes display how much starch they eat to evade problems. Every day and per mealtime, starch boxes differ, giving to numerous issues.

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What does a 35 calorie popcorn represent?

It represents a healthy snack that features natural and body-nourishing ingredients


What is the advantage of a high-fiber snack?

It requires you to eat less, but you stay full longer


How advantageous is a 35-calorie popcorn to your body?

Many people are unaware. But, popcorns are whole grain snacks with high nutritional value. Some of the nutrient content include vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, and many more.


Is it recommended to eat popcorns during the weight loss journey?

Yes! You can comfortably take the 35 calorie popcorns with high fiber content but low calories


Do popcorns lose weight in real or it is an allusion?

Popcorn loses weight if eaten to remove hunger, not to fill the stomach.


Can popcorn be eaten the next day?

The popcorn gets worse if not stored as per precautions. Try to eat the packet entirely if it is opened; otherwise, the popcorn dries.


Which popcorn brand is the best to lose weight?

There are many good brands in the market. However, your query has an answer in this blog.


Can serious patients add popcorns to their diet list?

Yes, the patients can, but following the necessary precautions of eating popcorn. Popcorn has low-calorie levels, contains antioxidants, is a pure grain food, and possesses essential protein and nutrients for following the diet plan and weight loss. So, people should avoid constant grazing of popcorn to get valuable results.


Is popcorn good for health?

Popcorn is a complete grain, which is a collection of diets that help improve emotional fitness.


What are the healthiest types?

Air-popped, unsalted, and unsweetened is the most fantastic healthy type of popcorn and per serving. A portion of oil-popped, home-made popcorn

Fat and sugar in honey popcorn can differ meaningfully, based on the product. Cook popcorns vary by type and development also.


Final words

Popcorn is excellent in several significant nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and polyphenol antioxidants. It is not individual, but it is also delicious and one of the world’s most acceptable strength bases. In conclusion, popcorn is very well and overwhelming it in the regulator may even assist with heaviness harm. In this article, we explained the best 35 calorie popcorn to eat for weight loss. Besides, from the list above, you can comfortably determine the best popcorns the next time you visit the theatre.

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