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Review Of Aldi Slim And Trim Meal Replacement Shake

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Review Of Aldi Slim And Trim Meal Replacement Shake
Review Of Aldi Slim And Trim Meal Replacement Shake

Review Of Aldi Slim And Trim Meal Replacement Shake

If you are thinking about losing weight but can not spare an hour from your busy routine to have a workout at the gym, if you are confused about whether to choose expensive & complex diet plans or a simple healthy diet, Aldi Weight Loss Shakes has all the answers for you.

Aldi Slim and Trim is a weight loss shake that comes in sachets. It comes in four flavours – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and coffee. They are delicious and can be consumed with water. If you are starving, then you can take this with milk and banana. It is good in taste and healthy to eat.

Slim and Trim by ALDI are individual 55 g sachets shake claiming to be free of artificial colours. Slim and Trim products are available in four flavours vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and coffee, and you can drink them with water or mix them with a glass of milk.


Health Benefits Of Aldi Slim And Trim

Many people think that it is necessary to remain hungry to lose weight which is not true. With the help of Aldi weight loss shakes, you can easily reduce your weight. You have to make the right meal which includes them. Weight loss will not help you to be fit but also prevent you from different diseases. It has been seen that people with more weight usually face the problem of heart diseases, cholesterol and many more. The Aldi slim and trim and your weight loss also prevent and help you recover from different diseases indirectly. When we are faced with a difficult situation and do not prepare healthy snacks or meals, we are more likely to make poor nutritional choices. When you don’t have time to stop and prepare something healthy, it’s easy to reach for sugary, high-fat snacks or takeout. Slim and Trim products are high in protein, source of fibre, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, Gluten-free, no artificial colours and flavours, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Slim and Trim have consistently ranked first in Canstar Blue’s weight-loss shake customer satisfaction ratings. Aldi Slim and Trim Shakes provide you with a comprehensive nutritional dose without artificial sweeteners, taste enhancers, and preservatives. With a higher ratio of Protein, Carbs, and Sugar, Aldi Slim and Trim Shakes provide 205 – 208 calories per serving of 55g.  The higher amounts of protein and carbs will keep you charged for longer durations while helping you shed some weight throughout your day. These shakes will help you stay hydrated and fresh, giving you the essential daily energy boost without getting heavy meals at irregular intervals due to busy routines.

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Can You Lose Weight on Aldi Weight Loss Shakes?

The answer is yes; you can lose weight by consuming these weight loss shakes. They are very mouthful and come in different flavours. You will never feel bored by eating them. You can replace the big portion of your diet with these shakes. They will never make you feel hungry for the entire day.

Owing to its energy-rich ingredients, these shakes help in weight loss by providing the essential contents of a healthy diet.  As compared to a regular meal, these shakes have a controlled and balanced ratio of ingredients. Aldi Slim & Trim Meal Replacement Shakes keep you healthy by providing the required nutrients and helps you in losing weight by preventing you from over intake.


Nutritional Content Of ALDI Slim And Trim

Aldi slim & Trim Shakes include all essential nutrients as ingredients; Proteins, Carbs, Fats, Sugar, and a bit of Sodium. All these ingredients are present in all flavours with a little bit of difference in the quantity, making each flavour perfect in a unique way. It comes in a sachet of 55g. All the flavours have approx 206 calories. It has a protein content of 18.2g, fat 2.3g, carbs around 25.5g. The sugar amount in all the flavours is very less, that is maximum of 24g, and the amount of sodium differs from flavour to flavour.

As a result, these shakes are not low in sugar but high in protein, making you feel fuller.

Aldi Slim and Trim Shakes are available in four appealing flavours; Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, and strawberry. Let’s see the nutritional values of Aldie Slim & Trim Shakes.

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Nutritional Value Of Vanilla Slim And Trim Meal Replacement

One cup of 240 ml contains 866kj of energy, 207 kacl, protein 18.20g, fat 2.40g that includes saturated fat about 1.300g. Carbohydrates 25.40g and sodium 132 mg.


Vanilla Slim and Trim pack include 180 calories, 34g total carbohydrates, 6g dietary fibre, 16g sugar and 14g proteins. This meal replacement shake is high in protein, fibre, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals to ensure you get enough energy.

Value: 11% fat, 52% carbohydrates and 37% protein.


Nutritional Value Of Chocolate Slim And Trim Meal Replacement

240 ml meal replacement contains 25g total carbs, including 3g of fibres and 22 g net carbs, protein 18 g, fat 2.3 g. The calories in one scoop are 205.

Meal replacement shakes: To make a delicious plant-based meal replacement shake for men and women on the go, combine 1.5 tablespoons PlantVita cuttings with your favourite nut butter or a portion of fruit. Promotes overall health Skin health, bone health, energy metabolism, and muscle health are all supported.

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Value: 11% fat, 52% carbohydrates and 37% protein.


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Nutritional Value Of Coffee Slim And Trim Meal Replacement

A cup of 240ml of Aldi slim and trim contains 870 kJ of energy, and if we talk about calories, then it is about 208, protein 18.10g, fat including saturated fat 2.30g, carbohydrate 26.60g and sodium 132mg.


If you need a caffeine boost, Slim and Trim have a coffee-flavoured diet shake available. Here’s the nutritional breakdown: 208 calories, 18.1g proteins, 2.3g fat, 26.6g carbs, sugar 24g, sodium 132mg, and serve 55g.

Value: 10% fat, 53% carbohydrates and 36% protein.


Nutritional Value Of Strawberry Slim And Trim Meal Replacement

Do you want fruit? The following are the nutritional values ​​you can get from ALDI Strawberry Slim Shake, which are 207 calories, Protein 18.6 g, Fat 2.4 g, Carbohydrate 25 g, Sugar 2444 mg, and serve 55 g.

Value: 10% fat, 53% carbohydrates and 36% protein

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Key Takeaways

  • ALDI slim and trim comes in the form of shakes to serve weight loss by acting as a small fulfilment of a large amount of food in a meagre amount of calories and, most importantly, money. A pack of 55g has around 206 calories which cost just 2 dollars. This pack is used usually for breakfast. It has four flavours.


  • ALDI slim and trim shake,, rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, fibre, and other nutrients,, will provide you with a good nutrition supplement that helps you gain muscles, eliminate hunger,, and keep you energetic. Its reduced amount of calories intake and low fat will help you to look slimmer in the mirror. It is suitable for vegetarians as well. ALDI slim and trim shake is for breakfast, but if you want better and faster results, you can replace them with other meals. However, your diet shouldn’t entirely depend upon it.


  • You can lose weight by planning a diet that has ALDI shake as your breakfast and drinking it regularly. For faster results, you can also drink it with dinner. Numerous people are amazed by the result of ALDI weight loss shakes, and some people have also shared their stories on the internet of how ALDI weight loss shakes helped them become slimmer. Now, people are also encouraging and recommending the use of the product to others as well. But still, the best way to know whether the product is working is to use it and see if you get the desired results.
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From where can you get the product of Aldi slim and trim? 

The company is in a growing phase, so you will not find its products online. They have different stores in different areas. If you want to buy these products, you have to visit offline stores.

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Are these shakes gluten-free?

No, Aldi weight loss shakes do not have any gluten component in them. So if you are gluten allergic or suffering from celiac disease, you can also consume the shakes.


Are the shakes free from dairy products?

No, it is clearly mentioned on the sachets that they contain milk ingredients.


How to take these shakes?

You can take them at your convenience. There is no particular requirement to take these shakes. You can take them with water, either hot or cold, or milk.


How can you lose weight on this product when it has 25g sugar?

You will find that you are actually reducing your sugar intake.  Also, note that the sugar content is fructose, not glucose in sugar cane.


Are Aldi shakes gluten and dairy-free?

Yes, it is gluten-free but not dairy-free.


Has anyone bought these in bulk? Just wondering how many are in cartons?

They are sold as single serves 1 sachet=1 meal.


Any side effects?



Are they vegan?

They contain milk


Has anyone who is lactose intolerant tried these shakes, and how do you feel?

There is no problem with these shakes because the lack of low-fat or skim milk will make me miserable. I use water to make them.


How to use Slim & Trim Shakes?

You can use the sachets with water, milk, or maybe blended with banana.


Is Aldi Slim & Trim Shakes the best weight loss shakes?

Aldi Slim & Trim Shakes have attained the top place in consumer satisfaction on Canstar Blue, the best comparison website of Australia.


Does Aldi Slim & Trim Shakes provide a balanced diet?

Yes, because these shakes include all the essential ingredients of a healthy diet.




Aldi Slim & Trim Shakes are the most effective and economical substitutes of other weight loss products available in the market. The variety of flavours also give you flexibility, unlike many other products. They are providing you with 4 flavours. You can choose any flavour as per your mood. It is concluded that Slim and Trim’s shake is so good. Chocolate and strawberries are very delicious. It is noted that people lose 2.6 kg in one week (highly recommended).

Even though we are all beautiful in different ways and beauty is not defined by how you look, if you want to change to look slimmer, feel free to impress yourself with ALDI weight loss shakes.

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