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Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey Revealed

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Kelly Doty is a tattoo artist and a finalist in Ink Master season 8. Further, she judged contestants in Ink Master: Angels season 1 and 2. Her style is Goth with a lot of creepy inks.

Although she is famous for this reality show, her weight loss journey has also made headlines among ink enthusiasts.

This article will explore Kelly’s weight loss journey. Read on to know if she had surgery, her diet plan, and her workout routine.

Who is Kelly Doty?

Kelly Doty’s unique tattoo designs had many rooting for her in the Ink Master. They were always eager for her next creation and the idea behind the inks she made.

This ink artist was born in 1984, and she became famous in 2016 when she joined a reality show for the title of Ink Master and a $100,000 prize. 

Her Goth-inspired designs mesmerized her fans, and although she lost in the final to Ryan Ashley, it didn’t prevent loyal fans from loving her. No wonder she also starred as a judge in Ink Master: Angels.

However, when she came back as a judge, fans noticed Kelly had lost weight. She was bubbly and engaging, and her slimmer body exuded so much personality that fans wanted in on the Kelly Doty weight loss story.

The Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey

She’s very private, even on social media, and rarely shares stories about what’s going on in her life. Most of her Instagram content showcases her Goth tattoos. There are occasional posts about her personal life, such as when she attends events. 

Kelly Doty seldom discusses her weight loss in public. 

Therefore, her weight loss journey is somewhat of a mystery, with a few discussions from her fans on platforms like Reddit. She doesn’t comment on those discussions despite having an active Reddit account in the years before and after the Ink Master show.

Although she’s not vocal about it, her pictures are, and they show a transformation. This tattoo artist lost considerable weight to look the way she does now.

Many estimate Kelly Doty weighed about 154 pounds when participating in Ink Master as a contestant. After the weight loss, the estimate suggests Kelly Doty dropped to 121 pounds, meaning she lost about 33 pounds. 

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The difference in her pictures during Ink Master and Ink Master: Angels corroborate the estimated weight loss. There are many speculations about Kelly Doty’s weight loss diet plan and fitness routine. 

Fans suggest these are the two tactics that helped Kelly Doty lose weight.

Below are some of those ideas:

Kelly Doty Diet Plan

This tattoo artist may have changed her diet and embraced a healthy lifestyle. For example, there are speculations that she takes green tea, toast, and egg whites for breakfast. She must have changed to a low-calorie meal in the morning for such a significant weight loss. 

Further, Kelly Doty may have done away with snacks between meals and added them to her breakfast. Maybe, Kelly Doty added vegetables, salads, and poultry to her lunch and dinner.

Another suggestion is that Kelly Doty lost weight because she stocked healthy alternatives like soy milk and avocado. Those snacks between meals have a high-calorie count and are mainly processed foods. 

Other changes this tattoo artist may have implemented are the choice of ingredients. For example, she may have switched to healthier ways of cooking, such as eliminating saturated oils. 

Maybe she did away with oily foods. She may have embraced home cooking to be in control of what was on her plate. Her diet remains unclear since her Instagram account rarely has food content or her dining out.

Kelly Doty Fitness Routine

A fitness routine is an excellent choice when losing weight. Kelly must have added a workout regime to her daily activities. 

One assumption is that the Kelly Doty weight loss routine had exercises like low-intensity cardio, jumping rope, and strength training. Jumping rope burns calories fast, while low-intensity cardio can increase muscle strength.

Another exercise that may have been fundamental to Kelly Doty’s weight loss is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). When you combine these exercises, you get a workout that burns fat and builds strength and muscle.

Kelly hasn’t said a personal trainer helped her in the weight loss journey. Further, this tattoo artist hasn’t described her workout for her fans to know how often she worked out and the intensity of her fitness routine.

Did Kelly Doty Undergo Surgery to Lose Weight?

Weight loss surgery is one of the speculations in the Kelly Doty weight loss story. However, Kelly hasn’t said anything to agree with or refute these claims. If she’s had surgery, it may be similar to the procedures of celebrities losing weight. 

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One such surgery is gastric sleeve surgery, which was responsible for Mariah Carey’s makeover. Another option may have been gastric bypass surgery like Abbey Lee Miller and Star Jones.

Since Kelly hasn’t said how she lost weight, maybe she did it naturally without any surgical procedure.

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If there’s a person who’s been secretive about her weight loss process, it’s Kelly Doty. This famous ink expert became a household name during the Ink Master reality show. 

Before fans could get over how she would draw creepy pictures, she was back on the screen as a judge in Ink Master: Angels. That’s when fans noted their favorite Goth tattooist looked different. Kelly Doty’s weight loss was a mystery then, and it still is now. 

Some claim she changed her diet, others say surgery was part of her routine to lose weight. Until she speaks about her weight loss plan, we can only love her new body and tattoos.


Where does Kelly Doty tattoo out of?

Kelly caters to ink enthusiasts from Salem, Massachusetts, where she runs Helheim Gallery. This tattoo artist is creative and an expert in various inks, such as domestic violence survivor tattoo designs. She also does watercolor and natural disaster survivor tattoo designs.

How much weight has Kelly lost?

Many claim she’s about 33 pounds lighter since her days as a contestant in Ink Master Season 8. There’s a remarkable change when you compare her before and after pictures.

Did Kelly Doty have weight loss surgery?

No one knows how she lost so much weight suddenly, and Kelly hasn’t disclosed anything. Maybe, she’ll share the details with her inquisitive fans one day.

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