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The Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

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Generally, it’s possible to lose weight quickly when you consume less and work out regularly while following a strict diet. But, when you’re surrounded by temptations like eating while watching your favorite movie, losing weight can be quite challenging.


Angel Strawbridge has proved to everyone that with set goals, you can lose weight regardless of the challenges you’re facing. So let’s elaborate more on how Angel Strawbridge weight loss can improve your life.

Who is Angel Strawbridge?

Angel Strawbridge is a popular Novelist and Entrepreneur who was born in East London in April 1978. She attended a business school and majored in accounting. After graduating, Angel Strawbridge started several startups, but her main focus was working as a business consultant. But the main project that made her a household name was The Vintage Patisserie.

Vintage Patisserie is her personal favorite since she has been passionate about vintage things for years. 

In fact, she started collecting vintage clothes from thrift stores by the time she was 13 years old. She spent a few years counseling firms in London as a chartered accountant and business studies expert.

She later joined Aston+Hayes Institute as an image consultant before starting The Vintage Patisserie, an online event and shop venue. And thanks to funding from Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden, her brand got more exposure.

She met her husband, Dick Strawbridge, through her television agency, and within a short period, they were married and had 2 kids.

Dick and Angel

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Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

When Angel began dieting, her primary goal was to look better, which meant keeping her weight down. But after some time she discovered that her weight loss program wasn’t working and she needed to lose weight fast. She realized that she had been afraid of her weight for too long.

Therefore, she consulted several doctors only for her worst fear to be confirmed. So she began her weight loss journey, which included an exercise schedule and a strict diet. 

Angel Strawbridge weight loss journey included consuming 7 small meals every day without eating something after dinner.

Her meals had to be well planned to guarantee that she gets more than a well-balanced diet. But she ensured that her taste buds were satisfied. She also understood that you had to watch your calorie intake to lose weight.

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To achieve her goal, Angel Strawbridge started working out for about an hour every evening or morning as per her schedule. Her strategy worked perfectly as it gave her exceptional weight loss transformation. Fortunately, her husband, Dick Strawbridge, played a major role in her journey while dealing with weight loss issues.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Diet Plan

Generally, Strawbridge’s weight loss diet program is quite simple, and anyone can follow it. So whether you’ve dieted for a very long time with no result or are doing it for the first time, Angel Strawbridge weight loss strategy is a practical and straightforward plan.

After all, this healthy weight loss program focuses mainly on healthy meals featuring plenty of veggies and fruits. Here is a breakdown of Angel’s weight loss diet plan:


Breakfast was her most crucial meal of the day, which she never skipped. Angel’s breakfast included a bowl of oats/porridge, almonds, and blueberries. 

The most crucial part of her breakfast was avoiding refined foods, sugar, and sugar-sweetened beverages. 

And being a full-time mum, Angel Strawbridge cooked all her meals.


When it comes to lunch, Angel consumes a meal that’s rich in proteins and veggies. She loved consuming salad and salmon with some lemon juice.


For dinner, she preferred grilled veggies, mushrooms, steamed veggies, baked sweet potatoes, and roasted chicken breast with some herbs.


Angel consumed watermelon after the workout and apple or oatcake before working out. But most importantly, she consumed some nuts and protein shakes after every exercise session.

Workout routine

Strawbridge’s workout routine features 2 30-minute exercises per week. Some of the workouts that she included in her routine include strength, body weight, and cardio workouts. Her weight training routine included a combination of resistance bands and dumbbells to help her lose weight quicker.

For cardio, she mixed skipping, jumping, and jogging with some form of dancing. 

On top of that, she was actively farming which helped her burn some calories. The Angel Strawbridge weight loss exercise plan features the following:

  • Bodyweight training
  • Walking
  • Step-ups
  • Sled pushes
  • Cardio

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss: Inspiration

Angel Strawbridge weight loss journey has motivated most of her viewers. In fact, her photos after undergoing a weight loss transformation confirmed her dedication to her main objectives. And that’s because she looks unrecognizable in her new photos.

Angel Strawbridge inspired all working women to focus on their health while keeping up with their busy career routines. In fact, she managed to lose about 33 pounds and weighed about 143 pounds afterward.

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Did Angel Strawbridge Have Weight Loss Surgery?

There are rumors that Angel may have had weight loss surgery to look great, but that’s not the case. 

Angel claimed in an interview that surgery can help you lose weight, but she hadn’t undergone weight loss surgery. 

In fact, Angel and Dick Strawbridge managed their stress level using yoga.


Unlike most weight-loss programs, Strawbridge’s plan is more of a lifestyle that you can follow for a very long time. After all, you can make it part of your busy routine and have fun in the process. Remember, her unique meals have everything you need to stay strong every day.

On top of that, she has merged some unique workout routines that include cardio, strength, and bodyweight routines. When properly done, you can have fun with your spouse and even use yoga to deal with your stress levels. But the good thing is that it does work, and we can see the results in some of Angel’s latest pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss plan work?

Yes, it is the perfect option for all the working ladies who find it hard to mix weight loss and their busy careers. 

How did Angel Strawbridge manage to lose weight?

Angel worked out twice per week for 30 minutes, but most times, it depended on her schedule. Besides her unique workout routine, including cardio, bodyweight, and strength training, she had followed a strict diet.

Can you lose over 30 pounds with Angel Strawbridge weight loss plan?

Yes, despite being a simple and easy strategy to follow, you can lose as much weight as you want. 

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