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1800 Calorie Diet Plan That Help Loss Weight Quickly

by Mary Stroup
1800 Calorie Diet Plan That Help Loss Weight Quickly

1800 Calorie Diet Plan That Help Loss Weight Quickly

To lose weight, you will need to burn more calories than you consume. It sounds straightforward, but we can’t efficiently manage the number of calories we eat in a day. Also, most people don’t lead inactive lives, and thus it is almost given that we will consume more calories than we burn.

But when it comes to weight loss, there is no shortcut. It would be best to have a calorie deficit of at least 500 per day to have a sustainable and healthy weight loss. The amount of calories you lose in a day depends on many factors, including gender, age, size, and lifestyle. For many women, maintaining 1,800 calories per day is the most effective way to sustain their weight and for men to shed weight.

So 1800 calories a day for women = maintain weight, 1800 calories a day for men = lose weight. This number of calories is also appropriate for moderately active people. A moderately active person is someone who burns at least 2,000 calories a day.

The good thing about losing small numbers of calories like 2,000 is that you can do so while doing absolutely nothing. All you need is to breathe and complete your mundane household tasks. But for this to work, you need to stick to a meal plan that will not reduce or increase your daily calorie requirement.

That is why you need a calorie diet that can allow you to maintain this magic number – 1,800 calories a day.

What do 1800 calories look like?

As I have pointed out elsewhere in this post, you must have a calorie deficit to lose weight. Meaning you need to burn more calories than you eat. To break this down into simpler terms, one pound of your weight accounts for 3,500 calories, and thus if your goal is to lose a pound in a week, you must have a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day.

It also means, for you to maintain the magic number of 1,800 calories per day, you need to expend a minimum of 2,300 calories a day, which will subsequently mean you will lose a pound every week if you keep it that way.

It is not easy to burn 2,300 calories for some people, but as long as you maintain an intake of 1,800 calories a day, you will still lose weight, albeit slower.

If you have been digging up the web under the section on weight loss, I think you must have come across the term 1,800 calorie diet.

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This term implies the type of meals you need to eat in a day to maintain this magic number of calories. The diet is usually categorized to cover all the three courses of meals we eat in a day.

Each meal in this diet contains 500 calories, which add up to 1,500 calories. The remaining 300 calories are supplemented through two snacks of 150 calories each.

But this is not a written-in-stone rule. The meal can be split up using another formula, provided the calories add up to 1,800, nothing less, nothing more.

You can split the meal into five or even six small meals consisting of between 300 and 360 calories.
However, an important point to note is to make sure you stick to a steady, regular meal pattern, as this will prevent you from overeating. It also boosts post-meal digestion and overall lower cholesterol levels.

This diet should also contain high-nutrient content meals from the whole source and not fast food or processed foods.

If you are looking to draft a 1,800-calorie diet, the most important thing to remember is the composition and ratio. Each meal should have protein, unsaturated fat, and healthy carbs.

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Calories to lose weight

Although I have already touched on this a couple of paragraphs ago, I want to dig a little deeper. As I also mentioned, the number of calories you need to eat to lose weight depends on a wide range of factors such as your height, age, activity level, current weight, and metabolic rate, to name a few.

But the best way to start seeing results is to reduce your calorie consumption to 500 fewer than your body requires to sustain your weight currently. As a result, it will allow you to shed one pound of your body weight each week.
The most important consideration, however, is gender. Male and female bodies function differently, and thus what works for you will not work for your spouse.

Most times, women between the ages of 26 and 50 who are slightly active need to consume around 2,000 calories each day to maintain their current weight and 1,500 calories a day to lose one pound of their body every week. On the other hand, men between 26 and 45 years, and who are moderately active, need to eat 2,600 calories to sustain their current weight and 2,100 calories each day to lose one pound every week.

Weight Meal Plans

If you are trying to lose weight, the best place to start is in the kitchen. Changing your diet can go a long way in helping you achieve your goal. But with the overwhelming number of diet plans on the web today, it can be stressful to get started.
Some weight meal plans are designed to suppress your appetite and decrease your food intake, while other diets are meant to curb your calorie intake.

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The best weight loss diet, however, includes plant-based foods. Stay away from diet plans that require you to fast or at least consult with your doctor before starting intermittent fasting.


Sticking to 1800 calorie diet can help you maintain your current weight or lose some weight. It is probably the best option for moderately active people. However, a point to note is that the rules differ for men and women regarding weight loss.

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