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Why Do Body Builders Eat Raw Eggs?

by Mary Stroup
Why Do Body Builders Eat Raw Eggs?
Why Do Body Builders Eat Raw Eggs?

Why Do Body Builders Eat Raw Eggs?

A long-standing myth that dawning raw eggs is beneficial for you as a bodybuilder can be taken just as is – myth, or we can delve more into it to find evidence of its effectiveness in bodybuilding. Indeed, we have seen many athletes eat raw eggs every morning before hitting the gym. The question remains, is it any different if the eggs were cooked?

Eggs in themselves are packed with healthy macros and are said to contain significant protein levels. Scientifically, proteins are usually temperature-sensitive; thus, lowering the temp of a protein makes it inactive, and increasing it past a particular range, proteins die.

Drinking eggs directly can be said to keep the inactive egg form while consuming to give a net positive result in the shortest possible time. Cooking them, on the other hand, may destroy the proteins and vitamins.

This thought was prompted by a study back in 1976 – raw eggs were beneficial for athletes. Before long, this product was applied for sickly including convalescents, children, and the elderly.

The study was, however, disapproved later on in 1998. Since then, their finding may not have resonated so well in the bodybuilding sector or were not received. In any case, a majority of bodybuilders extensively use raw eggs to enhance their protein intake.

Herein, we will explore science in trying to answer the question of why people eat raw eggs. Do we have risks, and are there ways to mitigate these risks?

So, why do bodybuilders eat raw eggs?

With eggs, you get all the necessary food compounds that enhance bulking of muscles in one shell. An egg carries all the necessary material that helps in forming an offspring and enabling its survival until hatching. That means lots of calcium, amino acids, fats, vitamins, etc., making it a perfect protein source for bodybuilders. Besides, these nutrients come in an easy-to-digest form, making them better than other protein sources such as meat.

  • Raw eggs as a source for proteins

One raw egg contains six grams of proteins. Most bodybuilders are required to enhance their protein intake substantially to enable expedited recovery, repair, and healing of muscles. With the six grams, if one takes five eggs after workouts, they stan to have consumed 30 grams of proteins at a go. The recommended number of eggs for consumption is 3 – 4. If you combine this with other food compounds such as milk, you may realize your bodybuilding goals much faster.

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Other recommended protein sources for bodybuilders include salmon, a goods source of omega-3 fatty acids, tuna, herring, pork tenderloin, game, chicken breasts, Greek yogurt, lean beef, oysters, mussels, cottage cheese, nuts, peanuts, etc.

  • Raw eggs as a source of fat

Fat content in a raw egg is estimated to be 5 grams in a giant egg. Many people looking to cut their fat consumption are advised to eliminate yolks from the egg before eating. It is, however, different when it comes to bodybuilders since they need this fat for energy and other body uses.

The fat content in an egg is both saturated and unsaturated. The unsaturated is the good stuff. Saturated fats lead to health complications.

  • Raw eggs as a source of vitamins

Raw eggs contain vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, and vitamin D. while cooking eggs; the heat destroys these vitamins by at least 30 percent. Due to these, we can conclude that raw eggs have more vitamins compared to cooked eggs.

  • Raw eggs play a role in bulking.

Raw eggs could be used for bulking processes. It is simpler to add it to flavored workout meals, which help bodybuilders.

  • Raw eggs contain sodium and potassium minerals.

Sodium is basically salt, so there is no need to shake your salt in the raw eggs as it may result in clogging of the arteries and increasing pulse rate.

  • Raw eggs help the brain function better.

Raw eggs are an excellent source of choline. The high amounts of choline found in raw eggs are essential factors in brain functionality.

  • Raw eggs as a source of energy.

Raw eggs contain rich nutrients that make the bodybuilder feel more energized. The abundant source of protein is considered a good source of amino acids.

  • Raw eggs strengthen the immune system.

Vitamins A and B-12 are found in raw eggs in large amounts, along with other nutrients and antioxidants that make up a robust immune system.

Recommended ways to consume and store raw eggs.

  • Buy (pasteurized) eggs from the market.
  • Store the eggs in a safe place, e.g., in a refrigerator, until when needed.
  • When the need to consume arises, carefully wash the eggs before breaking them into a clean bowl.
  • Be careful to avoid eggshell fragments from falling into the bowl.
  • In case the eggshell fragments fall in the bowl, it’s safe to cook.
  • Using soap and water, thoroughly clean your hands after handling raw eggs to avoid and safeguard against Salmonella bacteria from the raw eggs to your food.
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Individuals should avoid raw eggs.

People with a compromised immune system should altogether avoid raw eggs. This group of people includes young children, anyone under chemotherapy, the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone suffering from an immunity-suppressing disease.

What are the pros of consuming raw eggs?

  1. Raw eggs have low levels of insulin, which encourage the burning of fats other than the conserved carbohydrates.
  2. It is relatively safe to consume raw eggs as it starts by constantly washing them before cracking them open, which minimizes contamination.
  3. The contamination risk of the Salmonella bacteria is almost zero.
  4. Raw eggs do not need to be cooked before consumption as it is convenient and versatile.
  5. Raw eggs include cholesterol apart from protein and vitamins, which doesn’t have an anabolic reaction in the bodybuilders need to boost protein synthesis after training.
  6. Raw eggs are a perfect add-on for protein powder shakes and smoothies.

What are the cons of consuming raw eggs?

  1. It is not recommended for people with weak immune systems to consume raw eggs.
  2. Excessive consumption of raw eggs may lead to dehydration.
  3. Consumption of raw eggs may lead to nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.
  4. Traces of salmonella bacteria may remain, which is dangerous to health.
  5. Excessive consumption of raw eggs may increase cholesterol levels in the body builder’s bodies.

Protein profile of the raw eggs.

The recommended dosage for an average bodybuilder is about 3 to 4 raw eggs, usually after the workout. Raw eggs could leave a bodybuilder feeling sapped before and after their workout. Hereafter the workout or training is generally the best time for taking the raw eggs.

Key ingredients in raw eggs.

A raw egg is a source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin D. Here are some of the main contents of a raw egg: seventy-two calories, six grams of proteins, five grams of fat, and about 186 milligrams of cholesterol.

The bottom line

They are of more importance to bodybuilders’ diet for a lot of reasons. To maximize the gains without consuming excess fats, bodybuilders can consume raw eggs to cater for it. A typical of six egg whites and two yolks are recommended for American bodybuilders.

Traditional beliefs called for the eggs to be eaten raw to get the maximum nutritional benefits. Still, nowadays, it’s considered to be a false belief and unsafe since the human body can easily absorb proteins from a cooked egg than in raw eggs. Cooking eggs also helps avoid the risk of being infected with Salmonella bacteria.

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