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Inspirational Men Weight Loss Transformation

by GetHealthyShape
Inspirational Men Weight Loss Transformation
Inspirational Men Weight Loss Transformation

Inspirational Men Weight Loss Transformation

An average man’s body carries a mass of 43.2 pounds of fat. This number, however, is never the same. It keeps fluctuating above and below depending on a person’s consumption. When you store more fat than you are burning them, then the number goes up. The secret to losing weight is keeping that number lower and lower. Meaning you burn more fat than you store.

When comparing weight loss transformations, we often see almost different creatures in the images. Essentially, they are similar but are differentiated by fat mass and muscle mass. These transformations elicit inspiration that later helps more people to believe in their weight loss journeys.

I will focus my attention on these amazing stories of men’s journeys and experiences on their resolve to transform their bodies from being fat custodians to lean and well-built muscle and physique. These stories will help inspire your own journey towards transformation.

We shall cover some of the most inspiring stories of men who have lost even more than 100 pounds, incorporating many different methods towards achieving their goals. Some have developed healthier lifestyles around them. I dare say their transformation photos will blow your mind!

Matt Ellengold

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After long periods of procrastinating, matt Ellengold shares that he was conscious that he needed to step into the gym. He promised himself countless times that he would enroll in the apartment gym services but kept pushing forward – he later moved out. Changing diet looked to be the easiest option, which he considered for a while. He still did not push through.

Therefore, he realized that his weight had hit 240 pounds; this hit him differently. Matt knew he needed to achieve control over his body and decided to look for help. This, and having received countless urges from his therapist, pushed him out of his comfort zone.

He enrolled on the Ultimate Performance – a gym he found online near him. The gym was specialized in extreme bodybuilding transformations. Fast enough, Matt learned how to count macros in a diet, logged more than 10,000 steps daily, and further trained a week thrice.

He later increased gym sessions, and in 24 weeks, Matt Ellengold had lost 60 pounds.

This was a key motivator. He improved his diet to healthier meals only, trained more, and ultimately achieved his goal. He was able to reduce his body fat from 35% to a lean 10%.

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Matt had this to say on how positive the weight loss journey has been, “…For someone that has battled depression for 20 years to now regularly look forward to getting up in the morning…The training and diet have given me structure and discipline, and I now have control over what I put in my body.”

Quantel Thomas

The 19 Most Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories of 2019 | Best Life

In December 2017, Quantel Thomas was weighing a massive 284 pounds. He was suffering constant pains until the doctor warned Quantel of being at risk of developing diabetes. At one point, Quantel weighed 300 pounds. This was getting out of hand, so by the turn of the new year 2018, Quantel decided to lose weight.

He joked that partly why he decided to “get out of that tunnel” was to attract girls. “…At first, it was just for attracting females, I’m not gonna lie to you… Who wants to be with somebody who’s not confident in themselves, think they’re disgusting-looking, ugly…? People don’t like hearing negativity about themselves.”

This conviction propelled Quantel to shed off 29 pounds in just one month. In 10 months, Quantel weighed 180 pounds. This was a decrease of 104 from the original weight.

He started to bulk up as he embarked on building strength through weights and training. He says, “to be able to love me, that’s the true, ultimate milestone achieved to this day.”

Stephane Doiron

stephane doiron (@stephanedoiron1) | Twitter

For a parent who grew up not knowing what organized sport looked like because they couldn’t afford it, getting a child involved in an organized sport is more than just a joy. So, when an opportunity arises to give moral support to your child, you take it like a proud father.

This is what happened to Stephane Doiron. What started as giving help and moral support to his son, a hockey athlete, became his salvation. He was, however, concerned that he was unable to do even half of what the son did. “First of all, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do one-third of what he was doing, and secondly, what right did I have to motivate him on how to become a better athlete? I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror …

This changed Stephane’s resolve to lead a healthy and proud life, where he could be in control of his life.

According to Stephane, he had made a choice and immediately picked up his sneakers and went running. He admits that t was tough initially, but he later conquered the struggle and can now run 10k in under an hour. “…I can now run a 5k in under 25 minutes and a 10k in under an hour. I am also working on dropping my 5k under 23 minutes by next summer.”

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He had lost some pounds from running. But reaching a point where they weren’t forthcoming. He started something else; “I started strength conditioning at my local gym. A friend had also told me about tracking my macronutrients, so I started looking into macro tracking. I installed a macronutrients app, Macrotrak, on my phone, and never looked back. After finding the proper amount of fat, protein, and carbs that my body composition needed, I quickly started to see even more weight loss.”

Doiron persisted and lost even more weight to a point when he even exceeded his earlier goal. Instead of 199 pounds, he was 185 pounds from the original 240 pounds.

Ben Raue

Plant Based Transformation: Ben Raue | Vivo Life USA

Plant-based diet is sustainable for the planet.’ This is what challenged Ben being a vegan who was passionate about the environment. He, therefore, resolved to show everyone that it was possible to get in shape while surviving on vegan; “I wanted to prove this to myself and show the world what was possible.

Ben also recalls that before he committed to this challenge, he was a junk vegan. From his own admission, he ate lots of cookies, chips, and ice cream. He decided to give all this up in favor of edamame, lentils, kidney beans, and chickpeas.

Secondly, he incorporated HIIT and weight training into his 120-140 grams of protein diet in a day. He didn’t receive many changes in terms of weight in the first month. The second month and the succeeding months saw him stretch his workout routine, doing steady-state cardio for 45 minutes and 60-90 minutes weights every day, six days a week.

His results were apparent; In 12 weeks, he dropped from 18 percent body fat to 10 percent; he estimates he lost 13 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle. Ben says that his urge to prove to the world that it could be done propelled him on.

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In Summary

I have covered men’s weight loss transformation stories; here are real-life stories for men who decided to take control of their bodies. Whatever reason they had, it all led them to a common ground. And ultimately, they shaped their bodies into leaner and admirable frames.

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