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Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Before Testing

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Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Before Testing
Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Before Testing

Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Before Testing

A normal blood pressure reading on the monitor is 120/80 mmHg. This is so regardless of how old you are. News of tests may cause dramatic spikes in your blood pressure. This, however, does not mean that you have become hypertensive. It is merely because of high anxiety levels. Usually, when one is anxious, they tend to increase their blood pressure levels spontaneously.

Anxiety increases your blood pressure following a surge in stress levels in the body. This is what we want to deal with most in this article. We shall address some of the common tips to lower blood pressure before testing. Also, we will highlight some pieces of equipment you need at home to monitor your blood pressure levels.

Job applicants, students, employees, etc., go through this ‘harrowing’ experience at a predictable regularity. It is only fair that we all know how to go through the test successfully without raising eyebrows.

Here’s what you need to do;


Worrying about the impending test doesn’t help you. In fact, it will intensify the readings tipping them above the normal range. Therefore, if you feel nervous before the test, practice slow deep breathing for about 5 minutes. Usually, you inhale through the nose, holding the breathe inside for about five to ten seconds as your lower chest cavity expands; then, you release through the mouth. Shallow breathing increases blood pressure.

Drink a full glass of water.

Water serves to calm your nerves as well as reducing saline levels in the body. It is recommended that you take a full glass of water at a go instead of taking sips throughout the day. Sipping may help in hydration, but in an attempt to relieve your nerves of tension and stress, you need to down a larger portion than the usual sipping.

Eat potassium-rich food.

It has been confirmed that eating a banana within the hour of testing registers a lower blood pressure. This is also true for other electrolytes. Potassium-rich foods are packed with high electrolyte content, which helps in controlling blood flow to the heart.

A banana is an ideal choice due to its availability. Also, potassium supplements take long before making any noticeable change in one’s blood pressure levels. You will need to wait for as long as 4 to 6 weeks for results. A banana metabolizes faster hence quicker responses.

Stay warm.

As part of the natural human survival mechanism in cases of low temperatures, blood vessels constrict. This way, they are away from the skin to minimize heat loss and reduces the amount of blood flowing in a bid to keep the body’s internal organs warm.

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With constricted blood vessels, blood has limited space, hence building up its pressure. Therefore, as much as this is a natural phenomenon, it works against you to hope for positive blood pressure results.

So, stay in warm places, including avoiding chilly waiting rooms, and dress in warm garments to temporarily put your blood pressure levels under control.

Avoid mild psychomotor stimulants.

Mild psychomotor stimulants include caffeine and nicotine. Studies have confirmed that nicotine smokers pack more caffeine than the rest. To pass blood pressure tests, don’t use a cigarette or drink coffee for up to one hour before the test.

Smoking reduces normal oxygen intake into the body. This makes the heart beat faster to counter the oxygen debt. These stimulants also increase psychomotor activity, which then demands more oxygen. Again, the heart needs to pump faster to meet the demand created. These activities all lead to a momentary spike in blood pressure levels.


Relaxing eliminates nervousness and stress from your body muscles.

You can relax your mind by taking short strolls in quiet places. Also, short regular walks enhance rhythmic breathing, thus promoting normal blood circulation. Breathing in sufficient amounts of oxygen helps to expel cramps and stress while helping the heart work optimally.

Furthermore, you can improve your test results by sitting in appropriate positions that enhance normal blood flow. Constricting blood flow by crossing your arms or feet may lead to slight increases in pressure levels.

Avoid unnecessary conversations before or during the test.

Depending on your personality, avoid some conversations which may work against you. Unnecessary banter exchanges during the test or before could raise your pressure levels.

How do you lower your blood pressure for the long term?


Regular exercises are a remedy for almost every anomaly in your body. Exercises can be used to manage diabetes, weight loss, eating disorders, heart conditions, and many others. Starting with a simple walk regularly for 30 to 40 minutes daily goes a long way to managing your blood pressure levels.

You can integrate more exercises and workouts for a synchronized development and overall body health. It doesn’t matter how tight your daily schedule is; you can exercise early in the morning before starting your day or late in the evening.

Healthy eating

It isn’t easy to realize tangible results from your workout without watching what goes into your body. Most of the hassle-free foods are mostly junk with high sugar and fat levels. Such food makes up almost 60% of what consume as snacks. In general terms, junk is a sad and unhealthy option.

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These snacks increase your craving that mostly leads to the development of eating disorders. To mitigate this, always choose fruits and vegetables as snacks over readily available junk such as hotdogs. Berries, bananas, oatmeal, etc., make better alternatives.


It is difficult to sit and sieve your mind of unwanted stress for beginners. This is why there are plenty of lessons online on this particular subject. Focusing on long breathing and stress release techniques helps in lowering blood pressure over time.


Sleeping for an appropriate amount of time goes a long way to enhance your overall health and work. Your body needs to recharge after long days of work, exercise, and general activity. Limited sleep says in drivers may lead to accidents and lowers the quality of life in general.

Best blood pressure monitors to use at home.

Having a dependable monitor at home to test your pressure levels before going out for that professional test is essential to keeping your nerves under control. Besides, after doing away with alcohol and cigarettes, started exercising, dieting well, and living a positive life, it is important to know your progress after some period. Here are my picks for the best home blood pressure monitors:

Beurer BM55

This device provides consistent readings, is accurate, and is believable. It is easy to use and comes with a backlight display and memory to store previous data for two people.

This machine is also said to give accurate determination when you have an irregular heartbeat. It also has an adjustable cuff to fit arms of different sizes.

UA-767F A&D Medical Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The device is clinically qualified with a host of features.

  • Allows up to 4 users.
  • Cuff fits most arms (8.6″ to 16.5”)
  • Uses gentle inflation for a more comfortable reading
  • Easy-to-read screen with large start button
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty on the monitor and a 2-year warranty on a cuff.

Omron Evolve Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The device is compact with 1 piece design featuring simple and intuitive controls making it easy to set up and use

Comes with advanced accuracy

Works with the free Omron app (with select iOS and Android devices) and allows you to track and share unlimited readings with family or healthcare providers

The bottom line

This article has extensively discussed how to lower blood pressure immediately for a test and how to maintain your pressure levels at optimum in the long run.

We also looked at what is the best blood pressure monitor to buy for home use. In the end, we leave you with an assurance that whether your test is immediate or soon, you can control your blood pressure. Just follow the tips we have furnished you above.

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