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Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

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Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss
Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

These are simple machinery used in comfort at your home to facilitate weight loss.

What are the benefits of exercising at home?

  • You can wear any cloth.

When working out at home, you don’t need to worry about many people judging how you have dressed; you are at your comfort!

  • It’s maybe cheaper.

You don’t need to waste your transport fee to travel to and from the gym back home. This may also save your time for work out. Also, the gym fee sometimes is expensive because it needs a lot of cash to access the available facilities.

  • It is very convenient.

Most people live busy lives, especially if you have a family. It is tough to find time to head to the gym between school, work, family, etc., hence having your machinery at home is convenient as you can create a little time from your busy schedule for training.

How to choose the best exercise equipment for weight loss.

According to Caleb Hester from Muscle Evolved, here are three things you should inquire about when it comes to choosing the best home exercise equipment.

How fast do you want to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight quickly, then a cardio-based cardio-busting machine, e.g., an exercise bike, is your best option, especially if you love cycling.

How much space do you need to work out?

Not many people have enough space to dedicate a gym space to their homes. So, it’s essential to consider how much spare space at your home you can afford. This plays a vital role in which device you are going to choose. For example, a rowing machine will take a lot of space, but it will provide a total body workout. Some equipment (a few) are foldable, making them much easier to store away after use.

Which way do you tend to use while working out?

Consider what kind of workout do you love and enjoy the most. This is important in determining which equipment is suitable for you.

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Examples of popular weight loss equipment.

These machines include;

  • Rowing machine.
  • Vibration exercise machine.
  • Morning walker.
  • Stationary bicycle.
  • Gym ball.
  • Jump ropes.
  • Inversion table
  • Stepper machine.
  • Cross trainer.
  • Treadmill.
  • Ab roller machine.
  • Step mill machine.

1- Rowing machine.

This machine is a handy weight loss machine. Using this machine, you can build and tone your muscles, increase your stamina and strengthen your stamina. This machine does not exert strain on the back, muscles, and joints, and therefore they are highly recommended for the elderly. If you vigorously train on this machine, it is estimated you’ll burn about 377 calories in30 minutes. This fluctuates the weight of the trainer.

If this machine is used frequently, it can attain a negative calorie balance, creating a suitable environment for losing weight.

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2- Vibration exercise machine.

This is the latest machine introduced in the weight loss industry. It vibrates and uses the most recent and advanced technology in its functioning and manufacturing. It focuses on removing cellulite from the body. As a result, it leads to weight loss.

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3- Morning walker.

With this machinery, even without your walk, you don’t have to worry! Morning walker is super easy to use weight loss equipment. It does not exert your body as much as you do while walking. It houses a direct current DC mortar and infrared vibrations essential in forming a fit, healthy and robust body.

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4- Stationary bike

This bike provides all the benefits of outdoor cycling except the fresh air to the trainer. The machine works aimfully towards the user’s weight loss and burns many calories if used correctly for a significant period. It is lightweight, which makes it easily portable to wherever you want to practice. You can place this machine in your garden, balcony, veranda, bedroom, living room, or anywhere as long as it can fit your comfort. The nature of cycling will be enjoyed if you place this bike in your garden or outside in an open space or field.

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5- Gym ball

This ball lets you work out comfortably without exerting too much pressure on your body. It has excellent effects on your abdomen and back, and it also gives you space for stretching out your body.

The ball also provides cushiony support that protects the body from experiencing abrupt jerks and sprains. This gym ball is readily available in the market, and if you like, you can make one at home. It has less weight hence is easily portable, and is often simpler to use.

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6- Jump ropes

Jumping rope exercise is amongst the best exercises for burning fat. Jumping rope can burn up to 25% more calories in a minute than running exercise, depending on the period taken on the intensity of your training.

Jump ropes are super convenient and small. They hardly take a lot of space and have a small weight. This is convenient since you can take it with you to every location you travel to. They are relatively cheap; hence they are easily affordable.

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7- Inversion table

This training equipment looks after a see-saw which can be easily installed at home. You have to lie down on the table while it starts working on your body. The machine works on your entire body since you lie down on the machine, and your body is in its contract. It encourages cellulite reduction, which in turn helps the trainer to lose weight.

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8- Stepper machine

This stepper machine provides a highly effective way of achieving weight loss. It concentrates on the abs and legs. It provides strength training work out to the body while it burns calories. While doing this, the body loses weight. It is simple and can be easily installed at home.

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9- Cross trainer

This is another effective weight loss machine. The good thing about using the cross trainer is that it stimulates the entire body’s movement without focusing on a particular part of the body. It has an advantage over the treadmill since it does not cause sprains or injuries. Thus it is considered a piece of safety equipment to use for weight loss.

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10- Treadmill

It is a virtual weight loss machine that should be part of your daily workout routine. It provides a better mechanism for burning calories as it is amongst the best cardio exercise machines that promote weight loss. It encourages trainers to walk or run, which does better to the body than just losing weight. The machine is straightforward to use.

Injuries could be severe if the trainers fall on the machine when in use, hence needing to be careful. The best way is to hold the handles on the machine to maintain balance and avoid a necessary accident.

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11- Ab roller machine

It is lightweight and primarily meant for abdominal exercises. It is usually used to lose belly fat which is a tough act in nature. With regular use of this machine, you can give the desired shape for your abs. It also relatively trains your back.

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12- Step mill machine

It is similar to the treadmill machine and operates like a fast-moving escalator. It stimulates the movement of walking at an enhanced speed and allows you to climb steps quickly.

It is considered to be amongst the most challenging weight loss equipment with the highest level of results.

Benefits of weight loss machines.

  1. They increase stamina.
  2. They build muscles and burn excess fats.
  3. Help run towards weight loss goals.

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The bottom line

Most people have a type of equipment that they keep thinking about in mind. They often ask themselves if the machines will work or not. So long as you keep on training with a healthy diet and lifestyle, all the types of equipment will help you reach your goal in weight loss.

If you are a beginner on the road to weight loss, an exercise bike and rowing machine are your best choices. This is because bikes will help you do other leisure activities such as watching television while training. On the other hand, rowers have the advantage of training both the upper and the lower parts of the body at the same time.

Trainers who are already active or intermediate and advanced require a more vigorous machine to give you solid aerobic training. Steppers are an excellent choice for this group.


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