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Effective Back And Biceps Workouts For Building Muscle

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Back And Bicep Workout
Back And Bicep Workout

Back And Bicep Workout

The back and bicep workouts are essential to practice for people who sit for long hours. People who spend many hours sited, specifically those who spend time hunched over a screen, need more practice. As you site focused on a screen for long, the shoulders, head, and neck pull forward. This is likely to bring about a rounded posture which causes discomfort.

Directives on solving this problem.

Exercising your muscles in your posterior chain and the back of your body helps solve this problem. This workout concentrates on giving strength to shoulders, rhomboids, forearms, and lower back.

The back and biceps workout is mostly recommended for people who have experience in gym works. They should also be in good practicing form.

The workout involves supersets. This means that one has to perform two exercises for a particular muscle group back to back. You will then have to rest before performing the same task once or more times. 

As you perform this task, you should use the amount of weight that will enable you to go through 10-12 repeats in a set. Supersets work best for people who are short on time but intending to perform many different workouts.

Safety and Precautions.

Before joining the exercise, you are advised to seek advice from your health caregiver. This is necessary, especially for people who have a given sickness, injuries, or other conditions. When returning to workouts from pregnancy or an injury, one is advised to go for medical guidance.


A workout lasting a period of 30 to 45 minutes at the level of intermediate to advanced.

You will require a barbell with weight plates, a weight bench, a resistance band, and dumbbells in this exercise. 

In this case, you need to perform four supersets. The two supersets are aimed to work on the biceps, as the other two work on back muscles. The supersets working on the back will also help in strengthening the shoulders and arms. 

In each work out select a weight that will help you complete your set in good form. Ensure that the last set is a bit difficult but not impossible for you. as you perform each set, you should give yourself a break of 30-60 seconds, then repeat.

When conducting lighter workouts, finish a given superset once. When dealing with demanding exercises, it is advisable to do a superset thrice. The duration of a workout can be varied by varying the number of sets you finish. 

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Warming Up.

Warming up requires you to start with an around five-minute light warm-up. Walking or jogging on a treadmill is encouraged as it will help you perform moderate intensity. A stationary bike can be used, or just a simple walk can do. When you are through with the cardio segment, perform a series of back extensions. This aids in preparing the back muscles.

The back extensions.

A good exercise of performing back extension should be performed on a machine at a health club. When performed at home, one is encouraged to follow the following simple steps.

  • Lie facing downwards with both hands placed alongside your body while palms facing up.
  • The upper body must have risen some inches from the ground as the neck and head are kept in alignment.
  • You should hold for 2 counts. 
  • Lower as you repeat the process ten to fifteen times. 

The first superset. 

The first superset requires you to do two variations of row workouts. This is made to work the muscles in the back. These movements will also work well with your arms. 

One-armed row.

To perform this, you will require weighty dumbbells.

The following is the procedure to follow in performing a one-armed row. 

First, you need to position the left foot slightly in your front while the knee is bent. As you do this, ensure that your right-hand holds some heavy weight. Ensure that your palm faces your body’s midline.

The second step will involve ensuring that your back stays strong while the core is tight. Your back muscles should be engaged to facilitate the pulling up of the elbow. The pulling should be done in a rowing motion till it attains your torso’s level.

The last step requires you to lower, repeat for ten to twelve reps and finally change sides. 

Barbel high row.

This exercise requires one to start it standing tall while the barbel is placed on their front. In case of weight added to the bar, ensure that the plates are well secured with a collar. In a situation where you do not have a barbell, it is advised you hold a dumbbell by each hand.

The following process is involved in this;

Ensure that the knees are bend slightly, then hinge at the hips. This should be done till your back corresponds to the floor.

Your shoulder blades should be squeezed together while pulling the weight close to your chest.

Finally, the barbell should be lowered to the repeat for ten to twelve reps. Superset one should be repeated upon completion of the barbel high row.

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The second superset.

This superset will require you to do two rows: upright row and alternating T-pulls and Y- pull.

The upright row exercise requires you to have a barbell. Dumbbells can still be used where the barbell is not available. To start this workout, you need to stand tall as you hold the barbell in such a way that the arms face your body.

This exercise follows the following process; 

Engage your abdomen as you lift the barbel straight up in the direction of the chin. The elbows should lead this, and the bar kept close to the body.

When the bar gets to shoulder height, you should pause. After pausing, take the barbell back to its starting position. Repeat the process at least ten times.

The second row involves the use of a resistance band. If you have TRX straps, you can carry out this workout while standing, provided you perform it from home or at the gym. 

People using bands are advised to start while seated while their legs are extended to their front. This workout involves the following; Engaging the middle and upper parts of your back and opening the arms out to form a T-shape. 

The first step should be repeated, but this round, the hands should form a Y- Y-shape. Finally, go back to the start point, then go with interchanging the T and Y, and pull for at least ten times.

Superset three 

From this point, the supersets now focus on the front part of the body. This superset involves barbell curl and reverses curl.

The barbell carl requires you to begin with your feet hip-width being apart while abdominals engaged. You are required to make the hold of a barbell in your front. This should be done while palms are facing forward. It requires an underhand hold. 

This involves; bending at the elbow then lifting the barbell to approach the shoulders. This is done when the upper arms are stable while the shoulders are relaxed. When through, the barbel should be lowered, then repeat at least ten times.

The reverse curl involves lifting the weights to the direction of the shoulders while the elbow is bend. It would help if you paused when the elbow gets to an angle of 90 degrees.

Lower the weight, then repeat the process at least ten times.

Superset four. 

This involves two rows which are; hammer curls and concentration curl. The hammer curls require you to; bend at your elbow as you lift your lower arms to the shoulders’ direction. This should be done while the arms are fixed.

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In the end, the thumbs should be close to the shoulders while the palms facing the direction of the body’s midline. Upon attaining this, lower the weight, then repeat ten to twelve times.

The concentration curl requires you to engage your bicep and curl the weight of your body’s end to the shoulders. For the stability of your elbow, maintain it pressed against the right leg. Lower the weight and repeat at least ten times.


The back and biceps workout is a healthy practice that people should practice regularly by people who spend much time seated. It is a practice that makes your body relax and gives it the energy to move on. 

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