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Things To Know About One Punch Man Workout

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Things to know about one punch man workout
Things to know about one punch man workout

Things to know about one punch man workout

If you are a manga fan or a fitness geek, I am sure you must have heard of the One Punch Man workout technique. But if you haven’t, then it’s time for you to learn about it as this one is quite trending, and all the fitness enthusiasts are getting more and more curious about it.


Before knowing about the one punch man technique, we need to first learn about One Punch Man. One Punch Man is actually a Japanese superhero franchise, “One-Punch Man,” an unbelievably powerful superhero who could beat any monster in just one punch. One Punch Man was originally Saitama, who worked hard for three years and followed a rigorous routine to master this technique and lose all his hair while attaining this superpower. It went viral when people began applying the One punch Man’s technique in real life and got unexpected results.


The one punch man workout – its origin

Many of you may not know about the origin of this workout. So, let us tell you that this one-punch-man workout originated in the Japanese superhuman franchise commonly known to people by the term ‘One Punch Man.’ The fictional character in the series, Saitama, played a vital role in the ongoing fight between the monsters and superheroes. He claimed to have gained energy and strength from doing the one-punch-man workout. It includes 100 situps, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and a 6.2-mile run.


One Punch Man routine is simple and complicated at the same time. Here are all the specifications you need to know:


  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 squats and a 6.2-mile (10-km) run


Repeat it for a week.

Just that!


Let’s dive into the details:

This routine consists of 100 situps, 100 pushups, 100 squats, and a walk of 10 miles. One punch man has become an ideal for many. If you are among them, you can start. Looking at this huge bulk of exercise might have made you lose your morale, but worry not. You can start this by taking baby steps. You have to be consistent to reach the final workout routine. You must have heard that slow and steady wins the race.

In the first week, you can do 10 situps, 10 pushups and, 10 squats. Situps would help you tone your abdominal muscles and make your body shape, while pushups would develop your pectoral muscles. In the second week, you can add a half-mile walk too. Starting this at once won’t get you anywhere. You would get muscle cramps or tears.


Let’s go deeper!

In this anime series, superhero Saitama shows immense power and strength by defeating all his enemies with a single punch. All his strengths came from ONE PUNCH MAN WORKOUT. By following this intense routine, he developed this ultimate power of defeating enemies with just One Punch.

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No one can start doing all ONE PUNCH MAN WORKOUT in one day as it consists of ;

  1. 100 push-ups
  2. 100 sit-ups
  3. 100 squad
  4. 100 kilometers run


Don’t hesitate to do this workout in different one punch man levels to ease yourself into ONE MAN PUNCH WORKOUT. These levels are as follows:


  1. Level 1; Start with 10 pushups, 10 sit-ups, and 10 squads with 1 km run.
  2. Level 2; Then do 20 push ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squads with a 3km run
  3. Level 3; After getting used to level 2 workout, start with 30 Push ups, 30 sit-ups, 30 squads, 3km run
  4. Level 4; Then do 40 push ups, 40 sit-ups, 40 squads with 4km run
  5. Level 5; Then do 50 push ups, 50 sit-ups, 50 squads with a 5 km run
  6. Level 6; Then do 60 push ups, 60 sit-ups, 60 squads with 6 km run
  7. Level 7; Then do 70 push ups, 70 sit-ups, 70 squads with 7 km run
  8. Level 8; Then do 80 push ups, 80 sit-ups, 80 squads with 8 km run
  9. Level 9; Then do 90 push ups, 90 sit-ups, 90 squads with 9km run
  10. Level 10; Then do 100 push ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squads with 10km run


Don’t forget to use these levels wisely and modify them according to your ease and body because even 10 kilometers run would seem impossible for most of us at the first attempt. Try to start small and let your body transform and adapt accordingly if you truly wish to make a change in your life.


The benefits of following this workout routine:

  1. It would improve your cardiovascular strength and stamina.
  2. This workout will build your muscle endurance, power and, bulk.
  3. This is a fun workout routine.
  4. It involves no equipment and hence, can be done at home.


You can follow this workout while inspiring the character who followed this routine for 3 years. Well, a fictional character can do this routine daily. But you can have an ankle sprain if you decide to be a one punch man in one day. To develop a habit of it, you need patience and steadfastness. You can do this for 3 – 4 days a week. Doing this daily isn’t possible, but the reward for this patience is something you can wait for.


Pros of one Punch Man workout

If you are inspired by the anime Saitama and browse the effects of the one-punch man workout, we’ll suggest you browse both the pros and cons of it so that you can make a proper decision.


  • The exercise involved in this workout is great for training purposes. It also helps in improving physical health and wellness.
  • The running part in this keep fit session can improve the functioning of the heart as the push-ups reduce the cardiovascular disease risk.
  • This workout regime, if followed properly and daily, can decrease the fat percentage in our body.
  • The squats can even help in improving the thickness of leg muscles.
  • Push-ups, sit-ups, and squats are effective and beginner-friendly exercises.
  • Since all exercise involves bodyweight and natural moments resulting in fewer chances of bodily injury.
  • Good for cardio.
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Easy to understand the pattern.
  • Doing it in groups could be a real jam!
  • Very easy to follow
  • No equipment is needed!
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Sounds interesting, right, my friend! It’s easier said than done.

This might work out well for most people, but many people injured themselves while performing these exercises; so if you decide to follow it, do it with caution.


One Punch Man workout cons

  • It’s too intense for beginners: 100 reps of each sit-up, squads, and push up might seem like a lot, and if you are not in shape or used to doing heavy exercise, it might even be dangerous.
  • If you’re a beginner, it can become too intense for you and result in tearing tendons that cause heavy pain.
  • The beginners with that roper training may not know about the techniques of this one-punch man work to injuries from overdoing techniques.
  • If it’s not accompanied by a proper and balance proper and balanced diet does not accompany its goals.
  • Running sure is one of the best exercises, but too much running especially marathons like these, could leave breathless or even be fatal.
  • There is the risk of injuries by improper follow-up or overuse
  • Not very ideal for long-term fitness goals.
  • Not a first choice for muscle size growth
  • It needs a proper fitness routine for healthy growth.


Is It Worth It??

The question that arises now is – Is it worth it? Will following this scary routine really turn you into a “One Punch Man”?


Well, the answer might be a bit shocking!

It depends; punching is basically the ability to hit something with a closed fist. Your ability to punch well depends more on the body structure and body movement, while punching depends on the strength of only a single part of your arms or fist.


This technique works better at building overall body strength better. To master the art of punching, it is better to undergo boxing training before other training. This One Punch Man technique is a great way to improve health and fitness, but it does not guarantee that it will turn you into another One Punch Man.

Trending One punch man workout is greatly effective if you follow it properly. Keep it small and do it in little steps, making yourself comfortable with the process. This animation series is totally fictional, so don’t expect to gain any extraordinary superpowers from this workout. However, it is highly effective in gaining muscle strength and fitness.

GHS Talk: Having a good, well-prepared exercising routine is necessary for your overall fitness! You have to complement them, however, with de-stressors so make yourself healthier and more motivated to exercise. Know about them — Control Daily Stressors.

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What diet should I take while following this routine?

A high-protein diet will help you develop your muscles. It would help if you had an intake of minerals for the bones’ strength and endurance.


Can I become one punch man by following this routine?

No, to become a one-punch man, you have to take some boxing training as well. Following this routine would give you strength, but you need, but safe for becoming one punch man?

Yes, it is safe for you to become one punch man. You start with small steps.


Can I follow this daily?

No, practically, it isn’t recommended.


Does one punch man workout help you lose weight?

To answer this question, the one-punch-man workout routine consists of several bodyweight exercises that can help lose weight and make the body’s muscles tight and strong.


What equipments do you need for the one-punch man workout?

These are all the things you need for the one-punch man workout:

  • Running shoes.
  • Yoga mat.
  • Pull up bell.


Is the one-punch man workout beneficial?

The one-punch man workout is very effective for fitness and well-being if done using the right procedures and regularly.


What will 100 squats in a day do to your body?

The 100 squats in the one-punch man workout session will eventually help in muscling the highs and the calves if done on a daily purpose.


Does one punch man workout cause Hair loss?

Apparently, yes! It caused hair loss to Saitama and made him bald. But that was probably because of his hectic, strenuous routine and hard work. You can avoid that by giving yourself some time to rest and start small. Recovery time is essential in every workout.


How effective is this one punch man workout?

One punch man workout is highly effective, which is why it is trending these days. The key is to do it every day. If you do it consistently, it will give you your desired body shape and muscle strength along with fitness.


Is one man punch workout possible?

Yes, it is possible to do it step by step and progressively move towards the whole workout.



The one punch man workout has originated from the “One-Punch Man” – a Japanese superhero anime series – By manga artist ONE. This 22 year old superhero- Saitama, is powerful and can defeat any opponent with a single punch. He always dreamt of becoming a superhero, and finally, he achieved his goal and fought monsters with his superpowers.

One punch man workout routine can be followed to develop strong muscle strength and endurance. It would give you strong inspiration, now that you know the character Saitama. This is a fun routine that has mesmerized many of the people out there. You can approach the one-punch man workout as a challenge and then build it as a workout routine to gain physical benefits such as muscle building, running endurance, etc. This quality workout regime for fitness can be successfully followed unfailingly by working hard regularly to achieve enormous physical benefits.

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