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Top 5 Lower Chest Exercises with dumbbells

by GetHealthyShape
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Top 5 Lower Chest Exercises with dumbbells

Top 5 Lower Chest Exercises with dumbbells

If you wanted to develop your lower chest muscles, you could subscribe to a series of exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles. These muscles, which people often refer to as pecs, define the shape and appearance of your chest.

Additionally, they control major arm movement and adduction. The pecs consist of two muscles; the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The major spans from the shoulder to the mid-chest. Pectoralis minor extends just behind the major on the outer edge of the chest.

While it’s true that most weightlifters show better development in the lower portion of the chest compared to the upper, some do experience difficulty in creating a well-defined, massive thick lower pec line. Mostly, such discrepancies occur due to isolation of focus. Most people will focus on a particular training set that may build your chest disproportionately, leaving you without the chiseled upper chest you targeted.

This article describes five exercises that help people gain strength and definition in the lower chest.

Incline pushup

Pushups are conventional exercises performed to enhance the upper body. However, performing an incline pushup puts more emphasis on the lower chest.

It would help if you had; a flat workout bench and a step platform


  • Stand in front of the bench, and place the hands apart on the edge of the bench.
  • Position yourself to form a plank position by extending the legs backward until the legs and back form a straight line. Rest your weight on the balls of the feet.
  • Slowly bend the arms to lower the chest toward the bench. At the same time, remember to keep the elbows and arms close to the body.
  • Slowly push the body away from the bench, extending the arms but maintaining a slight bend in the elbow.
  • Repeat the above10 –12 times for one set.

Cable crossover

With cable machines, you can perform a stream of exercises depending on the position of the pulleys. Setting these pulleys higher works to develop your lower chest more whilst setting it lower, emphasizing the upper chest. Essentially, the cable crossover works on upper and lower chest muscles, depending on how it is set.

What you need; a cable machine


  • Position the pulleys above the head. Attach a handle to each pulley and select the desired weight.
  • Stand in the middle of the machine. Handle each in one hand with the palms facing down. Take a few steps forward to put a little tension on the cables.
  • Step one foot forward.
  • Lean forward.
  • Extend the arms out to the side but keep a slight bend in the elbows. And keep these elbows in front of the shoulders.
  • Bring the hands together in front of the body by pulling the pulleys on an exhale.
  • On an inhale, slowly extend your arms as you return to the starting position.
  • Repeat 10 to 12 times per set.
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Chest Parallel bar dips

Parallel bar dips develop various muscles, including the shoulder, arms, back, and chest. All these areas have specific ways you can arrange to produce a focus-based outcome. For the lower chest, slightly lean forward on the dip. Here are the steps:

What you need is a pair of parallel bars!


  • Grip the bars, using the arms to push the body up above them.
  • On the inhale, slowly bending the arms and lean the torso forward. Lower the body further until you feel a slight stretching sensation in the chest.
  • Lift the body back up above the bars as you exhale.
  • Repeat as many reps as possible. Remember not to exert your muscles.

This chest exercise requires you have significant levels of upper body strength. This is a point you should note before you take on this piece. However, you can carry out other parallel bar dips that won’t be as intense as this one.

Decline dumbbell bench press

Again, like the previous workout, this can be used to target various body parts. Besides, one can use barbells instead of dumbbells. However, since dumbbells allow more movement and more reps, it is more beneficial. Of course, using barbells allows you to lift heavier loads for fewer reps.

It would be best if you had two dumbbells and a decline bench.


  • Set the decline bench at a 45-degree angle.
  • Lie down on it on a flat back with one dumbbell in each hand.
  • Rest the dumbbells on the thighs with the palms facing inward.
  • With your hands facing inwards, raise the dumbbells over the chest, extending the arms above.
  • Hold the dumbbells shoulder-width apart and rotate the wrists until the palms are facing away.
  • Bend the arms forming a 90-degree angle at the elbow with dumbbells on the outer edges of the chest.
  • On the exhale, use the chest muscles to push the dumbbells up. Hold for 1–2 seconds.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbells to return to the starting position.
  • Do 10 –12 repeats for one set. Rest between the sets.

Decline dumbbell bench press with rotation

This is essentially a variation of the above exercise.

It would be best if you had a decline bench and two dumbbells or a barbell.


  • Lie down on the decline bench with one dumbbell in each hand.
  • Rest the dumbbells on the thighs with the palms facing inward.
  • Raise the dumbbells over the chest with the arms extended perpendicularly above, with the hands remaining in the initial position.
  • Lower the dumbbells into the starting position.
  • Keep the palms facing inward, keeping the dumbbells parallel to the body.
  • On the exhale, use the chest muscles to press the dumbbells up while rotating the palms outward to make the thumbs face each other.
  • Squeeze and hold for 1–2 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position by slowly lowering the dumbbells while rotating the palms inward.
  • Perform 8–12 reps per set. Rest between the sets.
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The bottom line

Lower rib-cage muscles provide thoracic that are well curved, expounded, and visually appealing look. Unrefined lower lowboy will not review the aesthetics and form you are willing to have.

There are no heads linked to the lower triceps, but it doesn’t mean you should not target the lower trunk. Exercising on the lower strongbox will complete the progress of the pectoral muscles.

Besides sights, worked pecs help one to move forelimbs and carry out gymnastics with effectiveness. These muscles facilitate the movements of the thrust, rotationally, perpendicular, and edgewise.

The exercises highlighted above can work miracles with your lower chest if you approach them correctly. The first way of doing it correctly is not overexerting your muscles.

Now, adding other full-scale body workout routines, you are sure of gaining strength, stability, and a significant chisel in the pectoral region.

Injuries are common in workouts. Therefore, always approach these sets of performances with certain technique know-how. Also, don’t rush in certain exercises. And lastly, rotate your muscle group practices to allow time for recovery.

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