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Body Beast Workout + Sheets

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Body Beast Workout + Sheets
Body Beast Workout + Sheets

Body Beast Workout + Sheets

Body Beast is a ninety-day video workout scheme designed by Sagi Kalev, who is a bodybuilder. This program is designed for people looking forward to attaining chiseled body shapes or losing a certain amount of weight.

This program, commonly referred to as P90X System, is dispensed by Beachbody on DVDs. It is also accessible through online streaming done by Beachbody upon request. If done according to the guidelines, it can produce the desired results within a period of 90 days.

Online streaming provides wide information as it offers you room to access extra beast workouts. Some of the equipment provided in these videos include; resistance bands, dumbbells among others. This program works best for newcomers as it helps them in strengthening training. This enhances lean mass muscle building, adding weight, or losing fat.

How is P90X System acquired?

This system goes for 119.9 Us dollars. The total payment is usually subdivided to be made in three phases of 39.95 Us dollars. Upon the payment, you are issued 12 P90X workout sheets, a ninety-day calendar (to help you track your progress), a fitness guide, and a nutrition plan.

This system can be acquired through the Beachbody website as well as television infomercials. By acquiring this system, you are assured of attaining your desired results after 90 days. It is worth noting that you will have to cater for the shipping cost in case you decide to return the system.

How P90X System Works.

Each workout is offered in a circuit design. One is required to move from workout to workout, taking the minimal rest possible in between. This helps in keeping the heart rate up. The system targets a given part of the body from day today.

For instance, it will start with the chest and back, then proceed to arms and shoulders. Its final target will be the biceps, back, and triceps. Other DVDs focus on plyometrics, cardio fitness, stretching, yoga, kickboxing, and abs.

The chest and back, for instance, require a fifty-three-minute workout. This workout will engage chest muscles with varying push-ups. The push-ups applied here include; wide stance push-ups, push-ups conducted with hands wide open, and traditional push-ups.

This workout is meant for back muscles. It employs the use of pull-up and down workouts. It is done by the use of resistance bands. It also applies pull-ups and downs while the hands are at the shoulder width, wider, narrower, and reverses grip. This workout also makes use of rowing exercises which use resistance bands as well as dumbbells.

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The fifty-nine-minute plyometrics’ exercise can be said to be the most demanding in the P90X System. Upon completing the long warming-up exercise, this cardiovascular routine takes through a sequence of jumping moves. These moves are meant for the lower body.

The 59- minute workout requires you to have a pair of shock-absorbing shoes. The shoes should be in good condition. You will also require a soft surface for landing. People who have problems with their lower back, ankle, hips, or knees are advised to skip this part because it has a high impact.

The P90X yoga exercise, which goes for ninety minutes, is also intense and demanding. However, it is not to the level of plyometrics. This system works on a concept that’ confuses muscles”. The concept employs the use of varying body beast schedules as well as coming up with new moves. The body may not adapt fully to such moves.

This workout has features similar to periodization techniques used by athletes to move their bodies to the top state. This workout holds a base since research has shown that; exercises with variations have more benefits, unlike those that do not have.

The ninety-day program of P90X will enable you to alternate your weekly exercise schedule in each 3 to 4 weeks. It is also possible to shape your routine depending on your desired outcome. The shaping of the routine will require you to focus more on cardio and strength.

The usual P90X program will take you thirteen weeks whereby you will have to interchange these weekly routines;

Week 1,2,3,9, then 11.

Day one two three four five six seven
Activity Chest and back as well as sixteen-minute Ab Ripper DVD Plyometrics Shoulders and arms as well as Ab Ripper Yoga Legs and back as well as Ab Ripper Kenpo Rest/Stretching

Weeks 5, 7,10, and 12.

Day one Two three four five six seven
Activity Chest, shoulders, then triceps; Ab Ripper plyometrics Back, biceps Ripper yoga Back and legs; Ab Ripper Kenpo Rest/stretching workout


Weeks 4,8 and 13.

Day one two three four five six seven
Activity yoga Core Synergistics Kenpo stretch Core Synergistics yoga Rest/stretching exercise

To help you conclude whether you can go through the above regimen, Beach Body has a fitness test on its website. In the fitness test, they have suggested the list of requirements per exercise.

In case you are not able to meet the directives offered for this program, you are advised to start with a less intense one. An example of a less intense program is the Power 90 workout DVDs.

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The P90X Nutrition Plan.

The nutrition plan that goes hand in hand with the P90X program comes in three phases. The kind of diet one is supposed to take depends on their nutrition and fitness level. It comes in three phases.

Phase one (Fat Shredder). This diet is rich in protein and minimal carbohydrates.

Phase two (Energy Booster). This is a diet with the provision for a well-balanced mixture of carbohydrates as well as proteins. It should also contain some traces of fat.

Phase three (Endurance Maximiser). This diet contains high levels of complex carbohydrates.  It also has a moderate amount of proteins and little fat.

The P90X is an excellent exercise program for people who are fit and intending to lose body fat. It is also a good workout plan for those intending to increase muscles. The program’s workouts can be easily conducted from home without the need for much equipment. One is advised to switch off the DVD when the going gets tough for some rest.

Having a variety of DVDs is important as you can alter your workout from time to time. The nutrition, as well as exercise regimens, can be easily followed. This is possible because workout programs, as well as day-to-day eating plans, are well outlined in a booklet.

If you are in a position to cope up with such an intense workout, then you are about to go as you will have a lot of work with each DVD. The challenge of finishing the 90-day workout program is great, and for sure, you will enjoy it.

The Shortcoming of the P90X System.

  • The P90X program is made for healthy people. People with chronic conditions and those with physical limitations are discouraged from joining.
  • It is expensive to acquire. Apart from acquiring the system, you will also have to purchase some key resistance training equipment.
  • The nutrition plan to be followed throughout the program is not the one recommended by nutrition experts.
  • The program targets one part of the body before moving to another. This helps in muscle toning workouts but does not contribute anything to increasing strength.

The Bottom Line.

The P90X System workout plan comes with the results one would desire to acquire from any form of workout they engage in. when you get to it and adhere to it as prescribed, then by the end of ninety days, you will enjoy the outcome. The most important thing with this program is that you have to be dedicated and ready to pay the price for you to go through.

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