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Fatness Around The Penis And How To Reduce It

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Fatness around the Penis and how to reduce it


Fatness around the Penis and how to reduce it

Fatness around the Penis and how to reduce it

 It’s a fact that most guys wish their penises were bigger. According to a recent study on more than 25,000 men, up to 45 per cent of men would like a larger penis. But how can you reduce fat around the penis? If you are curious about reducing fat around the penis area, you are in the right place.

Since the last decade, there is a rapid increase in different diseases and illnesses related to the male reproductive system. Men from different continents of the world are getting affected with multiple malfunctioning. Fatness around the penis is becoming a real issue everywhere. This type of fatness impacts not only men’s sexual and marital life but also on mental health.


How To Get Rid of Fat Around Penis

Fatness around the penis is a result of lots of fats that have accumulated around the penis. This is an acquired condition, and lack of dealing with it eventually leads to the penis being submerged under the abdomen, skin, thigh, or scrotum. The presence of fat around the penis is never a good thing. Although most obese men are likely to suffer from this, it does not mean those skinny men can not suffer from fat build-up in the penis. Fatness around the penis can be reduced, which although is a process that needs time, sacrifice, and commitment.

If your pelvic area is full of fat, your penis will look smaller. The excess skin and the fat pad hanging will make it appear buried. The more you become overweight, the higher the chances of experiencing a condition known as a buried penis.

Thankfully, exercises and activities such as plumping, jumping, skipping, among others, can help you lose weight and get rid of fat around the penis. To make your penis stand out, these exercises will tone your pelvic and stomach area.


More so, do not forget to eat a balanced diet in your weight loss journey. By consulting a dietician, you’ll get a meal plan to help you lose weight and reduce fat around the penis area.

Instead of eating processed foods, eat whole grains and meals rich in omega-3 such as olive oil, nuts, fish, and salmon.

People do have fatness around their penis from the very start, even though they do not have that much weight. The reason could be genetic or due to some other disease related to the male reproductive system. But still, they are ways to reduce unhealthy and excessive fat around the penis.

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Now, the medical field has been so much developed that certain procedures can be proved very helpful in this certain regard. These procedures include:


Liposuction: In this procedure, fat cells are removed or sucked out from the area around the penis using different catheters. This entire procedure is performed under the strict observation of experts.

Panniculectomy: It is another procedure that can eventually prove to be quite helpful in reducing the fat around the penis. In this procedure, excessive sensitive tissues are removed from thighs and other close genital parts.

Removal of fat using a suction technique around the penis is a way of getting rid of fat around the penis area, though it should be noted that the side effects associated are high. There are also non-surgical methods proven to be effective, such as radio frequencies and heat therapy gadgets that shrink and dissolve fat cells. Non-surgical procedures are highly preferred because there are minimal side effects and risks involved though multiple appointments are required for the treatment to be fruitful.

Reducing fat around the penis can be achieved by exercising. Not all workouts, however, will result in the reduction of fat around the penis area, and most importantly, the workout routines should be done correctly for effective results. One of the effective workout routines is the barbell squats which can be done by doing ten repetitions for ten sets. A whole minute break should be taken after. The minute break should be observed.

Eating unprocessed food will help lose weight since the original nutrients needed by the body have not been lost. Reducing the number of calories eaten helps, although one is advised to take highly satiating meals. This helps as there is no constant urge to eat excess foods. Foods rich in proteins are also highly recommended as it increases fat loss. In a day, it is advised that one should consume protein in the range of 0.45-0.73 grams per pound, but the amount also depends on sex, age, and physical activity.

How To Reduce Fat Around Penis

The best way to lose fat around the penis is simply weight loss. If you can shed some fat, you can fix the problem entirely. The more weight you lose, the more benefits you enjoy. However, if you are not able to lose weight, performing surgery may be necessary.

This process involves removing tissue around the area through liposuction and removing excess skin around the pubic bone. In most surgeries, skin and fat are cut out to allow the penis to come outside the body.

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Reducing fat around the penis can be extremely difficult if you are overweight and above the 40s. But still, some ways can be constructive to burn calories and your real shape back. Appropriate workouts can be beneficial to reduce weight, ultimately leading to reducing fat around the penis.

One of the best exercises for the job is barbell squat. To see the quick results, one can do ten repetitions a day of 10 to 15 sets depending on the health status and body mass index. This exercise can be hectic at times; therefore, one should perform the exercise carefully.

Even after losing weight naturally, excess skin hanging down your pubic area must be removed. This is how to reduce fat around the penis.


How To Lose Fat Around Penis Area

While you can’t spot how much fat you’ve lost, it’s possible to trim the lower area. Like any part of your body, you can’t just lose fat around the penis area. So, to lose fat around the penis area, add food rich in omega 3, vitamin c, and calcium to your diet.

Once you begin with a diet change, you’ll easily get rid of the fat around other body parts. Since your body does not know that you want to lose fat in a special area, you can start with cosmetic surgery.

You can also lose fat around the penis area by performing a barbell squat, dumbbell push-up, mountain climbers low to high plank, among others.

Most of the time, it happens with most men that you stand naked in front of the mirror, and then you try to locate your dick by looking towards your feet, and all you find is a disappointment due to excessive belly fat and your heavyweight.

Now, how to reduce fat around your dick? This is a big question that sticks to the lips of many.

Methods to lose fat around the penis area include:


Detachment method where through specific procedure around the pubic bone ligaments are detached from the very base area of the penis.


The skin grafting method is another effective method to lose fat around the penis area. In this method, extra skin is crafted on the genital area by keeping in mind the medical condition and age of the individual.


Frequently asked Questions (FAQs):

Does losing weight help you lose fat and around the penis area?

If you lose weight, your pubic area fat will disappear, making your penis more visible. This will make it look larger.

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What are the other ways of losing fat around the penis?

While eating healthily and losing fat can work wonders, it’s recommended that you change your lifestyle. If you are smoking, stop!


Where will I first lose fat on my penis?

Since everyone is different, it’s hard to get a concrete answer to this. While some people start with their legs, others lose belly fat first.


How do I lose fat in my private area?

You cannot lose fat around one area. You have to lose fat everywhere. As you begin shedding fat, the area around your penis will begin to shrink, making your penis appear bigger. That’s how to lose fat around your dick.


Is fatness around the penis common or not?

It is widespread, especially among overweight patients.


Fatness around the penis is treatable or not?

Yes, it can be treated.


How can I diagnose fatness around the penis?

Usually, a professional doctor should be allowed to do the job.


Is it common among patients to lose self-esteem in such a condition?

Yes, it is common.



In conclusion, having a better body shape will be determined by the individual. We all need to take care of our bodies; fat around the penis will affect a person from having low self-esteem, poor stamina, rejection, and lastly, a poor sexual life. Men should eat well and constantly exercise to prevent this. If one notices the development of fat around the penis, he should take the initiative of getting rid of it to avoid further complications.


The penis is one of the most vital organs of a man’s body. Fatness around the penis can be a real issue among different age groups. There are several solutions available that include physical exercise, medical procedures, and many other effective methods. Individuals should not allow such physical conditions to damage their mental situation; therefore, proper counselling is necessary.

There you have it! How to lose fat around the penis. If you have issues with your penis and want to make it bigger, you need to learn how to lose fat around the penis. While losing weight can be painful and exhausting, you must start somewhere. You might not make any progress at the start, but gradually you’ll start seeing the results. If you are not sure, consult an expert.


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