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What is the 30-day weight loss challenge?

by Mary Stroup
What is the 30-day weight loss challenge?

What is the 30-day weight loss challenge?

If you have been paying attention to the current weight-loss craze, you might have heard of the 30-day weight challenge.

This trend has particularly taken over the internet during the Covid-19 pandemic as people look for ways to stay fit again after months of inactivity. The 30-day weight loss challenge is simply a program designed by a fitness expert that includes a series of workouts meant to help you lose at least 20 pounds in a period of one month.

The results will vary depending on your level of inactivity. In most cases, people with more weight or body fat will likely lose more weight at the program’s end than fitter individuals.

A moderate in fitness can burn between 200 and 300 calories after every workout, though workouts vary in the level of difficulty. Exercises can include weights and just power workouts or a combination of the two.

Things to know before attempting a 30-day fitness challenge

Being enthusiastic about the challenge is key

Before you sign up for any workout challenge, make sure you are excited about the workout; otherwise, it will be hard for you to sustain your energy throughout the 30 days. Don’t dive in with the hope of learning to love it along the way because spending time and energy doing something you don’t like will not change how you feel about it.

You might even get sick of the exercises.

Sign up for a challenge

You will want to sign up for a 30-day fitness challenge to take your workouts and motivation up a notch. Luckily, there are literally thousands of workout challenges out there you can join.

But before signing up for any program, make sure you check out proofs that their exercises work. Most fitness plans have social media accounts that can allow you to view the transformation images of participants.

Adjust your social life to fit around your workout

Planning will go a long way in ensuring you have a successful 30-day challenge. First, start with scheduling your life around the challenge. Though this might seem a bit extreme to some people, the challenge will only take 30 days, and afterward, you can decide if you want t continue for another month.

Map out your workout hours in advance and coordinate your social life around them. If possible, make your friends and family join you for the fitness challenge.

Book your classes in advance

Besides planning how you can fit your social life into your new challenge, you want to make sure you schedule all your workout classes after signing up. Once you have paid for the classes in advance, you will always have a reason to work out; otherwise, you will lose money. This ensures that you stick to your plan and show up to exercises.

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Another trick to help you keep going is booking early morning classes if possible. This is because as the day progresses, you will feel you have a lot on your plate, and you are likely to cancel what doesn’t kindle joy, i.e., workout, especially if you are not super-excited about the whole challenge.

It is not the time for a strict diet.

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when they sign up for a 30-day weight loss challenge is going on an extreme diet. Reducing too many calories in a short period of time can be counter-productive as you will not have enough energy to do that final set of burpees. While eating healthily is crucial when on a workout plan, having sufficient fuel is a must to allow you to perform at high levels all the time.

Rather than cutting down on food, feed your body with clean, quality meals and stay away from processed foods, alcohol, and added sugar foods.

Ensure you know how many calories you need every day to lose or sustain your current weight.

Expect good days and bad days.

This should go without saying but, as you get better and better every day of your workout, expect to go through some peaks and troughs. Your performance will be affected by factors you cannot control, such as your mood for the day, your amount of sleep, and so on.

But your goal shouldn’t be to have the best workouts every day, rather make sure you do as much as you can.

What is the 7-Day Challenge diet?

Most workout plans will include a diet plan to help you achieve your goals at the end of the month. This plan basically instructs you to eat the right kind of meals and avoid harmful foods that affect your performance and results.

You will be required to include different food groups in your diet every day and drink plenty of water to promote a healthy metabolism and prevent you from feeling tired during and after workouts.

Different 7-day challenge diets come with different instructions, making sure you choose a plan that works best for you.

What is the 6 weeks 20lb challenge?

The 6-week 20lb challenge, as the name suggests, is a 6-week challenge that aims at helping participants lose up to 20 pounds by the end of the period.

To take part in this program, you will have to sign up for a fitness boot camp to meet up with other challengers.

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Losing 20 pounds in just six weeks is extremely challenging as it will require drastic lifestyle and diet changes and a great deal of patience.

Luckily, most fitness classes offer a combination of proven techniques and strategies to make it easier for you to see out the challenge.

In Conclusion

Before attempting a fitness challenge, make sure you are well-prepared and ready to change your social life. Additionally, find and sign up for a challenge that you can manage; otherwise, dropping out of a fitness challenge can damage your self-esteem. Last but not least, have a clear idea of your goal and train for that goal. If it is to get a beach body, be sure to train for a beach body by choosing workouts that will lead you there.


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