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Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine

by Mary Stroup
Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine
Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine

Jimmy Jam, officially known as James Samuel Harris the III, is an American songwriter and record producer. He was born on June 6th the year 1956. He has his companion known as Terry Steven Lewis, born on November 24th the year 1956. They enjoyed success from 1980 with a variety of artists such as Janet Jackson. They have written many top hits,41 hits in the United States of America and 31 hits in the United Kingdom.

Jimmy Jam, the son of Cornbread Harris who was a blues and jazz music artist. While in high school, Jimmy met his friend, Lewis, attending the Trio Upward Bound program in the Minnesota University Campus. He then joined the 11-piece music band known as Mind and Matter. Later during the Flyte Tyme, the two were joined by Moris day. Later on, they toured with this prince as the opening act.

Jimmy Jam was born in Minnesota, Minneapolis city. His father, James Harris Samuel, is a former musician. He was popular with his name ‘’Cornbread Harris’’. During high school, Jimmy Jam performed with his friend, Lewis. Later during his reign in the university, Jimmy formed a musical band known as ‘mind and matter.’ Jimmy’s career took a huge overturn in the year 1981. This year Jimmy with his band was accompanied by Moris day. Together, they toured accompanied by the prince. This period is when jimmy and his companion were released to the world of musicians, where they earned many fans.

Jimmy Jam’s Music Career

Jimmy and his companion, Lewis, met Dina R. Andrews in the year 1982. Dina Andrews gave them a hand in establishing their production, Flyte Type. Dina Andrews served in the music industry known as Solar Records. In this production unit, Dina Andrews introduced Jimmy Jams and Lewis to Leon Sylvers III. Later Leon Sylvers became Jimmy and Lewis’ mentor. In the 1980s, Jimmy Jam and Lewis were amongst the most successful musicians. Their success can be backed up by the fact that together they won about 5 Grammy Awards. Later they received 11 nominations. These were the most nominations of the ‘producer of the year’ awards. With their 1st nomination, the duo won the first Grammy Awards in the year 1987. Jimmy was a prodigy in a drum machine, piano, synthesizers, and keyboard. Jimmy Jam married his wife Lisa Padilla in the year 1994.  Later they were blessed with a daughter, Bella Harris, who is a model currently.

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Jimmy Jams Weight Loss Journey

With Jimmy Jams increasing popularity worldwide, Jimmy was facing a critical problem he was constantly struggling with. His biggest problem was his huge bodyweight which was constantly increasing. When Jimmy Jam made an appearance on the red carpet accompanied by his daughter, Bella Harris, he appeared overweighed. This happened in the year 2018. However, this was contradicted just after a few months have passed. When he made the next appearance on the red carpet, he was accompanied by his wife, Lisa; the fans were flabbergasted. His overweighed body had reduced by half of what it used to be the previous 4 months. The fans on social media presented their different theories and rumors. Some claimed that Jimmy Jam was suffering from a severe disease that led to the loss of weight. Contradicting, a fellow musician, Keith Sweat, brought the people out of the dark, claiming that Jimmy’s body weight loss must be related to his workout and diet. this is because it was counted impossible that he lost half of his body weight in just a few months. Jimmy Jam started his weight loss journey in February the year 2018, which showed great results.

How Jimmy Jam Lost His Weight

Most of Jimmy Jam’s lifestyle is a secret. Jimmy doesn’t disclose a lot of information’s going on in his life. This is why most of his fans make a lot of assumptions concerning his life. After people discovered that was not suffering from any severe disease, they started making other assumptions. If Jimmy jam were suffering from a severe disease, the world would have already known about it. Some of Jimmy Jam’s fans assumed that his weight loss must have something with weight loss surgery. Because of the huge change in his weight, this assumption, to some extent, made sense. In contrast, after research, people began to be informed about Jimmy’s lifestyle. There was no surgery concerning Jimmy jam’s astonishing weight loss. His weight loss results were due to a tough diet plan and several exercises, which aided him in doing away with his overweight.

Jimmy Jam’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jimmy Jam’s wife Lisa exclaimed about his weight loss within less than 6 months. Jimmy Jam’s diet, which he still strictly follows, entails mainly vegetables prepared using olive oil. The following is a detailed Jimmy Jam’s diet plan:


Jimmy wakes up early he goes for a stroll. After strolling, Jimmy Jam shoots for the gym. After his return from the gym, Jimmy takes his breakfast consisting of salads fried using olive oil. He consumes green tea instead of milk tea or coffee.

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Jimmy consumes different meals for his lunch. His meals are more recurring. The lunch meal comprised of cruciferous veggies and salmon fish. These meals make Jimmy Jam maintain his level of energy for a long period. Consuming salmon caters to the body’s iodine needs. Salmon fish entails a lot of proteins which makes the diet healthier. The cruciferous veggies are overloads of fiber. Fibre aids in smooth digestion and prevents constipation. Fibre also makes the stomach feel full; hence the need to eat now and then is greatly reduced. This is crucial for people who are on the weight loss journey. The cruciferous vegetables also improve the general body health of Jimmy Jam.


Jimmy focuses on a unique dinner diet known as ‘Black Bean Quinoa Buddha Bowl’’. This meal is mainly comprised of grains which are responsible for providing body strength. This helps the body in losing more fat. This is the best choice for Jimmy Jam’s supper meal.

Jimmy Jams Weight Loss Workout Plan

As it has been mentioned, jimmy’s lifestyle is secretive. It was due to luck that his diet plan was researched and bared results. Unfortunately, the was no luck when trying to find out about his workout plan. Our research went further to Jimmy Jam’s gymnastics, from where we got some information about his workout plans. Jimmy paid a visit to the gym every dawn. He spends about 2 hours there. His main focus was always on lifting weight and slow-speed cycling. This is the little bit known about Jimmy Jams’ gym workout.

How much weight did Jimmy Jam lose?

In a certain confabulation, Jimmy Jam’s wife Lisa said that in less than 6 months, his husband, Jimmy Jam, lost about 25 pounds, which was a great big deal.

Jimmy Jam’s Weight Loss Before and After

In jimmy jam’s photo captured in 2018, when he was with daughter Bella Harris on the red carpet, he appeared healthy. This was totally contradicted in the following event on the red carpet. The pictures were different. The effects of his hard work can be easily reflected. Jimmy has been adhering to his strict diet. He looked thinner from what he was 2 years ago.

Jimmy’s View About His Weight Loss

When Jimmy was confabulated about his weight loss by a certain reporter, he answered that he felt the need for losing his weight. ‘’Because it was my health, I wanted to be fit and fine.’’ He said that it was tough to lose weight, but it had to be done.

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The Bottom Line

Although jimmy jam’s lifestyle was secretive, it can be concluded that he consistently follows his strict diet and workout plans for the desired results. On the other hand, if these options aren’t so desirable to you, you can try out supplements such as Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner – Weight Loss Supplement, Appetite Suppressant if you want to accelerate your weight loss experience.


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