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How to Reward Yourself Wisely For Losing Weight

by Mary Stroup
Weight loss rewards - list of healthy non-food rewards - Weightever
Weight loss rewards - list of healthy non-food rewards - Weightever

Weight Loss Rewards

It is ok to reward yourself once you accomplish something. It is not just ok; many personal development experts recommend that you reward yourself once you have small wins in life because you will develop a habit of achieving your goals quicker. The action of rewarding yourself triggers your brain to produce positive emotions, leading you to realize that your sweats have led to positive rewards.

Doing this more often will allow your brain to connect the pleasure brought about by rewarding yourself to accomplishing something and propels you to achieve even bigger goals in the future. Self-rewarding can work anywhere, including in the weight loss journey.

Rewards for weight loss

There are many ways in which you can reward yourself when on a weight-loss mission. While the benefits of losing weight should be enough to get you motivated, you still need some tangible rewards scattered along the way.
Below are the best ways to reward yourself and make sure you hit your goals at the end of your workout journey.

New workout gears

It might be a bittersweet experience when you have to buy new clothes each time you lose a pound, but when it comes to workout clothes, you need form-fitting and top-quality clothing that can take you through your workout journey without having to replace it.

Relaxing massage

Other than spoiling yourself with new workout clothes, you can treat your body with a relaxing massage. A trip to the spa can inspire your weight loss exertions, especially if you have never had a body massage before.
Not only does a massage feel good, but it also helps boost your blood circulation and reduce the symptoms of sore muscles.
Numerous studies have found that massage can lower your blood pressure, prevent colds and improve your skin tone.

Pedicure or manicure

Anyone – men and women – can benefit from some well-done pedicure or manicure. Cleaned nails look great and complement the shorts you wore to show off your sexy legs. If it is possible, take a trip to the spa for a relaxing pedicure or manicure. If you can’t afford it, you can still do it from home, no problem. Just buy a manicure kit from your local drug store, and maybe watch an explainer video on YouTube.

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Take a trip

After a gruelling week of workout, book a weekend getaway trip or a luxurious vacation to reward yourself and unwind. You don’t even have to book an expensive trip, pack up your car and drive to the countryside for hiking with your family or pals. Alternatively, you can hit the beach for a weekend sun-kissed getaway with your pals. And to make sure you don’t spend a lot of money during your short vacation, you can pack a picnic, which will ensure your diet is not compromised.
Maybe you don’t want to go far away from your local area, in which case, you can spend your evening at the museum or shopping.

Hire a personal trainer

Refresh your workout routine by hiring a personal trainer to learn new techniques and workout moves. Consider changing your program entirely to boost your motivation. There are many ways to use to achieve your workout goal, and different trainers have different methods. A great personal trainer should redefine your weight loss targets and design a suitable program for your lifestyle.

If you decide to reward yourself by getting a personal workout trainer, find someone capable of doing metabolic testing, which can help you lose fat quickly through targeted training.

Hiring a personal trainer can be expensive sometimes, but the good thing is that you don’t have to spend any money on a professional trainer. You can take your buddy to the gym and motivate each other.

Take a break from your daily chores.

Consider taking a break from yourself. Hire a cleaner or ask your kids to help around the house for a day so that you can take a break and relax. Come to think of it, fitting your physical activity and preparing healthy meals means you do not have enough time to do other chores around the house, and having a cluttered home can affect your moods.

Netflix and chill

Another way to reward yourself after a workout is by clearing your Netflix and chill schedule as a relaxing incentive. Resting is essential for exercising since it provides your body with enough downtime to restore and rejuvenator the torn muscles.
Having a ‘me time’ is also important because it gives you time to ponder your next target.
Why do you need rewards for weight loss
Losing weight is a tall order, and regardless of how motivated you are initially, your efforts will likely wane along the way.

Rewarding yourself occasionally after hitting your set milestones will make the journey more exciting and help you boost the mental strength required to reach your final goal. Here are reasons why you need weight loss rewards.

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To overcome a mental struggle.

When you start your weight loss journey, you need to undergo some lifestyle changes to fit your workout plan. To accommodate these changes, you need mental strength; otherwise, you can find yourself off the tracks. If you don’t see any tangible results, you may feel discouraged to continue with your workouts, and in no time, you will find yourself skipping sessions.

Although losing weight has resulted from physical efforts, the journey involves mostly mentality. So by rewarding yourself, you will find a way to keep motivated and focused throughout.

To add some fun to your weight loss.

Weight loss journey can be structured and boring. But if you introduce some form of reward system into your routine, you can make it more interesting. Imagine getting a massage for the first time or going on a hike for the first time.
By using non-calorie rewards, you will open up a new world that would never have existed, and you will learn that there are lots of things that can bring you greater pleasure and excitement in life than food.


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