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How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

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How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?
How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

Ideally, a drug is supposed to aid in your body’s healing process whenever you get ill. However, some don’t. I’m not referring to cancer drugs or ARV’s. As you know, any substance that alters your normal body function is a drug. In this article, we will talk about those that affect your body negatively. 

Many institutions, including workplaces, sports teams, and regulatory bodies, have come out clear to ban any form of doping or drug use. This is evident by the rigorous rules that require employees to take regular and impromptu drug tests. 

There are many reasons that a drug test might be required to be conducted, such as legal cases, custody, divorce, probation, or court-ordered testing. Additionally, the length of effects of various drugs varies greatly. For instance, the high from cocaine lasts for about 15-30 minutes, and LSD lasts for 6-12 hours. The same case applies to how long drugs remain in the body systems, even after lessening impacts. Some drugs will stay in your system for days, some for months. How long a drug is discernable in the system depends on several factors. 

  • Type of drugs 
  • Amount of drugs used 
  • Hydration levels 
  • The body mass
  • Frequency of use
  • Physical activity 
  • Drug sufferance 
  • Gender 
  • The drug half-life 
  • The presence of other drugs in the body

How long Marijuana stays in your body system 

Weed in the body varies according to the amount of doze taken. It is usually detectable in bodily fluids for 1-30 days after the last consumption. As with other drugs, marijuana may be discerned in hair for several months. 

Its detection windows vary on how much you smoke or inhale, as well as how often. Ideally, higher doses and more frequent use are linked with longer detection times. In addition to this, daily users may be distinguishable after some months of use. The longest reported discernable times are more than 90 days

Drug testing 

Drug testing determines weed and its by-products or metabolites. These metabolites stay in your system long after weed effects have diminished. 

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Urine testing 

Urine examination is the most common testing method. As per Mayo clinic proceedings, marijuana is detectable in urine for the following amounts of time after last use.

  • Moderate users-5-7 days
  • Occasional users- 3days
  • Chronic users 10-15 das
  • Chronic serious- more than 30 days

Weed metabolites are fat-soluble, meaning that they bind to fat molecules in your body. Consequently, it can take some time for them t depart from your system. 

Blood testing 

Following an article in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, marijuana is usually detectable in the blood for 1-2 days. But in some instances, it’s been discernable after 25 days. Normally, weed is detectable in the bloodstream just after few seconds of inhalation. It’s distributed to the different tissues, and some are reabsorbed in the blood and broken down. 

Hair testing 

Hair follicle tests assess the use of the drug for about 90 days. After consumption, marijuana reaches the hair follicles through small blood vessels. Some amounts may be retained in the hair. Considering that the hair elongates approximately 0.5 inches every month, 1.5-inch hair segments taken close to the scalp can generate a window of weed use for the past three months. 

How long do hallucinogens stay in your system?

Hallucinogens are drugs that change someone’s awareness and make people see and hear non-existing things. They’re divided into two categories: dissociative drugs such as PCP and classic hallucinogens like LSD. Some like PCP and Ketamine are locally made chemicals, while others like magic mushrooms are planted and consumed. Most of these drugs will be out of your body system in a short while. However, similar to other drugs, they can be found in the hair follicles for about 90 days after use. 


  • Urine test-11 days
  • Hair test-90days
  • Blood test-4days


  • Urine test-11 days 
  • Hair test-90days
  • Blood test-4days

How long do stimulants stay in your system?

Stimulants are a wide group of drugs that include both prescription and illicit drugs. Prescription ones are essential for the treatment of narcolepsy, obesity, and other eating disorders. Additionally, they’re typically prescribed to children aged six and older as well as adults. If someone with ADHD is advised to use a stimulant drug, it typically helps them focus, has more self-control, and increases their concentration. On the contrary, illicit ones include methamphetamine and cocaine. 

Most people usually ask how long cocaine stays in their system. Cocaine isn’t just among the commonly abused stimulants; it’s also one of the world’s widely misused drugs. Once consumed, it creates a feeling of energy and euphoria. However, its impacts are pretty quick. It’s very addictive and also results in physical withdrawals in many cases. Methamphetamine is a powerful and often deadly stimulant. It alters the dopamine in someone’s brain, making them energized, alert, and happy. 

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The Half-life of stimulants 

  • Cocaine has a short half-life of about less than one hour.
  • Methamphetamine has a longer half-life of around 12 hours, and its effects can last for about 4-8hours. 


  • Urine test-3days 
  • Hair test-90days
  • Blood test-1day
  • Saliva test-2days

How long do Barbiturate drugs stay in your system?

Barbiturates are drugs typically prescribed to treat insomnia and seizure disorders. Currently, they’re not commonly used as they used to be due to the better alternatives available today. Despite this, the number of people abusing Barbiturates is on the rise. They make the user feel drowsy and intoxicated. 

How long do Barbiturates affect you?

Since they come in different formulations, they vary a bit in how they remain in your system. Barbiturate comes in ultra-short acting, short-acting, intermediate, and long-acting. This variance influences how long they stay in your body system. 

Usually, the short-acting ones have a short half-life and are normally eliminated first. 

Detection windows 

Based on the type of test used, barbiturates can be discerned as long as:

  • Blood test-4dys 
  • Saliva test-3days
  • Urine test-6weeks 
  • Hair follicle-3months

How long do Benzodiazepine drugs stay in your system

Benzodiazepines are drugs typically prescribed for anxiety or insomnia. The number of adults abusing these drugs is on the rise. The largest group of people misusing the drug is about 50-64 years of age. Common examples of these drugs include Valium, Klonopin, and Xanax.

Detective windows

  • Urine test-6days 
  • Hair test-30days
  • Blood test-3days
  • Saliva test-8haours

The bottom line 

A common question used by most drug users, whether illicit or through prescription, “How long will this drug stay in my body?” this question is usually asked by those looking to comprehend how long the drug impacts will last when to expect the beginning of withdrawal or even whether they can pass a drug test. Truth be told, the answer is rarely clear and can be highly variable among individuals.

The exact length of time taken for a drug to stay in your body varies according to factors such as the person’s age, weight, sex, and physical health. Due to these factors, two people abusing the same substance could have an extremely different experience. For instance, a drug like Xanax is greatly influenced by ethnicity, age, and health. The drug lasts for a long in people who are obese, older than 64, Asians, or whites. There is no way to completely predict just how long a drug will last to be gotten rid of from your body. The only way is to know how to clean your system out from drugs and abstain. 

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