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How do I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight?

by GetHealthyShape
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How do I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight?

How do I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight?

Motivation is a stage where you are excited about something which influences you. In weight loss motivation, you need to find motivating reasons to lose weight, which influences or inspires you to lose weight.

In my case, I motivate myself in different ways; my favorite one is watching weight loss transformation videos. I love seeing fluffy people transform into great physiques people. It amazes me and motivates me to exercise, but that kind of motivation doesn’t last long. So I decided to look for more motivating things to help me motivate myself last long.

How do I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight
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One day I came across another weight loss transformation video on Facebook from a person named David. He lives close to me and goes to the gym every day. I’m excited to meet him and ask him about his weight loss journey, how he achieved a great physique, and the most important question: how do I motivate myself to lose weight as you do.

So I join the same gym that David goes to and find out when he comes to the gym to work out, so I can talk to him, get advice from a real person, and share my weight loss motivation issues. He came over, and we talked for almost 2 minutes because he had a tight schedule to train, so he gave me some advice on how he achieved a great physique.

Advice by David How He Motivates Himself to Lose Weight 

  1. Set a goal what you want to become
  2. Track your Progress
  3. Eat Healthy Food
  4. Calculate your macros
  5. Disciple
  6. Eight hours of sleep must

I carefully listed those tips, and some are good, and some are hard to do. At the end of the conversion, I convinced him to be my gym partner. We exchange our numbers and exercise regularly and are now great friends. If you need the motivation to lose weight or any goal, I recommend that you surround yourself with those with the same goal as you because it helps you get ahead when you are not motivated.

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How do I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight
Women posing before and after successful weight loss journey

After six months, I almost lost 50 lbs (22.67 kg) and started to get in shape, I see some muscles in my body. Thanks to David and his support, he boosts my self-esteem and helps me stay disciplined. But I found and made some tips for you that helped me a lot on my weight loss journey to stay motivated.

Advice from My Side How do I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight 

Spoiler Alert: Some advice is weird as well, but it works for me to stay motivated. These tips and advice are from my side. It can help you or maybe not because every person has a different personality.

1. Listing Motivation Songs in Morning

How do I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight
Listing Motivation Songs in the Morning.

People are asking how to motivate yourself to lose weight when you are depressed. The answer is music. Yes, I know it’s strange, but music can change your mood and is a great tool when you are depressed and have no motivation to lose weight.

You have to make a playlist where all your favorite motivational songs are. I used to be a lazy guy, and my morning started lazily, but the music keeps me on track on my weight loss journey. If your morning is good, the whole day is better.

2. Find a Disciplined Partner

Find people who have reached the level you want to reach because they will help guide and motivate you towards your weight loss goals. They have experience and a solution to overcome the motivation problems that arise now.

In my case, David is the person who helps me to guide what I should do to get motivated and some techniques I myself use to get motivated through the experience. Try to interact and make friends who have the same or how achieved that goal which you want.

3. Focus on Goal, not on Diet

This heading is a little controversial because to lose weight, diet plays an important role, but I see many people just focusing on diet and eating which they don’t like, sometimes tasteless food, and restrict all the foods they like. In the end, the craving bubble burst, and then your goals are dying. I know that thing because I tried these things, but it didn’t work.

You have to be honest with yourself because losing weight from your body takes time, So start slowly replacing junk food by adding healthy foods. Diet is good, but some people take it as a kind of negative punishment for your motivation.

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4. Eat Tasty Healthy Food, Not Tasty Junk Food

Eating tasty, healthy food is important because it satisfies your craving and motivates you to eat more, but if you are focusing on just protein and carbs without caring about the taste of the foods, Thrust me you will be quitting soon and again shifting to tasty junk food that satisfies your craving. Still, I am not sure about your health.

In my experience, I struggle a lot by eating boiled eggs, vegetables, and some tasteless foods. Then I started searching for alternative options which help to satisfy my craving and health as well. I found some great healthy food and delicious smoothies, Which are tasty and healthy as well, and found some simple diets that help me lose weight so that I can enjoy my food.

My favorite diet is the Smoothie Diet. Earlier in my weight loss journey, I drank a lot of delicious smoothies and detox. Because smoothies are easy to make, consume, are portable, and delicious as well.

5. Surround Yourself with Fit People

A quote said, “You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” If you want to lose weight, hang out with those who have the same goal that you have or who achieved that goal.

Surround yourself with people who have the same kind of goal that helps you share your thoughts, and they understand the issues you are facing in your life because they see that thing. If you want to hang out with those fit people, then find out where they spend their time.

If you want to find fit people, then go to the gym or stadium, join Facebook groups, or afford a personal trainer. Your life will be easier afterward.

6. Watch Interviews who Achieved It

It also helped me in my weight loss journey in the initial days by seeing celebrities and normal people interview how they lose weight.

Seeing Interviews is very helpful because no one can’t remember small things they face in their weight loss journey, but when you talk to someone for a long time, they share some great things which help to fix your issues related to weight loss also it motivates when you listen to them. I remember watching Adele and Vincent Herbert’s interviews telling about how they achieved that.

7. Post Your Image on The Wall with What You Want to Become

Believe me, It works. Try once, thank me later. Post your image on the bedroom wall with what you want to become. Every morning when I see the poster, it motivates me to do exercise plus music, then it’s like heaven. You can replace your image by adding a new image of yourself to see the progress.

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This is how I motivate myself to lose weight Video: Canva

In summary

These are some of my advice and experiences on how do I motivate myself to lose weight. Some advice is good, and some are weird. Comment down below what you think, which advice you like or not. Also, if any of your friends struggle with weight loss motivation, share this article with them because sharing is caring.

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