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Kevin Jame’s Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine

by Mary Stroup
Kevin Jame's Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine
Kevin Jame's Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine

Kevin Jame’s Weight Loss Procedure: Surgery, Diet, Workout Routine

Kevin James was born on the 26th of April year 1965. He is an American producer, actor, comedian and screenwriter. He is widely known for playing a role in the CBS ”The King of Queens” as Dough Heffernan. In the year 2006, he was nominated as the outstanding lead actor in the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Kevin James’ journey to weight loss

Kevin James is also known as a Hollywood heavy bagger and could lose weight after a period of smoking. His program has innovative approaches for staying fitter. James’s weight loss schedule consisted of a healthy diet and robust exercises. The success of Kevin’sweight loss was due to his balanced lifestyle. He began his weight loss journey when he was just 14 years old. He was encouraged by an American football player known as Michael Jordon began to exercise thereby, gradually losing weight. Kevin then joined Sage Shepherd’s family, and his weight loss was notable.

Later Kevin’s weight loss was initiated by his trainer known as RyanParsons. Kevin’s weight loss consisted of cardio training and also strength training. As a result, he achieved a muscular body. Kevin gained more experience when he defeated a Japanese fighter known as Yomi Mizuno, who had won great titles in boxing tournaments earlier.  Kevin James had his campaign of weight loss known as ” The Truth About Six Pack Abs’’. Kevin James achieved desired results due to his diet and exercise. He was performing the needed types of exercises and consumed the right food.

With Kevin’s large personality, he has always been referred to as a large man in contrast to what he was. When he was in high school, his weight was about 150 pounds, and he aspired to be an athlete in the profession. His aspired dream didn’t come true due to injuries which made him transfer to a different career.

In his widely known series ‘’the King of Queens’’, which lasted for a period of ten years, Kevin’s body began showing visible changes in size. During this series, he had about 300 pounds weight; then, he slimmed slightly.

How did Kevin James lose his weight?

Kevin’s weight loss journey was awesome. When Kevin was asked how he lost his weight, he was straightforward and shared his secrets and tips with everyone. He said, ‘’ I used to eat a low carb diet and had started running. There was a time when James was running around six miles a day.’’

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A lot of challenges accompanied his weight loss journey. Running regularly and consuming diets with low levels of carbs made him lose about 50 pounds. Horribly Kevincommenced on the poor eating manner, which made him regain the lost weight in a short epoch. After recouping the pounds that were lost, James ended up having above 300 pounds he initially had.

In a certain conversation, Kevin said, “I got on the scale and it read 290 pounds. Not good, not good at all”. After discerning that his weight has risen, he decided to embark on the weight loss quest. In the few months, Kevin’s weight dropped by about 40 pounds. This, in turn, acted as motivation to James and the film ”Here Comes the Boom” was a better opportunity for him.

James played a teacher’s role in this film, who tried his hands in Mixed Martial Arts training. During this training, James lost about 80 pounds of weight.

Kevin was seen with a notable weight gain in the consequent year, and it seemed that he had embarked on his poor eating habit. He got back to his weight of 300 pounds for a second juncture in few years.

In the year 2016, James was 55 years old. In the comic film ”Kevin Can Wait”, he lost a significant number of pounds series. James estimated to have lost around 40 pounds until the film ‘’Kevin Can Wait.’’

Before and after

Figure 1 Kevin James before weight loss figure 2 Kevin James after losing weight

Updated) Kevin James Weight Loss: Diet, Before & After [2021]

Before                                                                                         After


Two times losing and gaining weight consecutively in his weight loss expedition, the 55-year-old James’s weight is about 235 pounds.

James began his career when he had 150 pounds in high school and reached 300 pounds after his best sitcom ‘’The King of Queens’’.

James made a tough decision to remain healthier for his family of 5; his wife Steffiana de la Cruz and three children.

James struggled to manage his weight in the past few years because he is an actor. Contrariwise James’ overweight and comic characters were so much loved by the fans. Kevin always cracks jokes about his huge weight without minding.

Kevin James’ Career

James began his career as a comedian in the year 1989. in the East Club Comedy Club on Long Island, Kevin made his first debut. James has appeared in many shows such as Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and many more other shows where he became popular.

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In the year 1991, Kevin first appeared on the New Candid Camera. From the year 1994 to the year 1996, Kevin served on TV working as an announcer for the MTV game show Sand Blast.

On the 27th of March year 2010, Kevin hosted Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. James has starred in the film ‘’Kevin Can Wait.’’

Kevin began starring in films in the year 2005 in his romantic comedy movie called Hitch. James has also co-starred in the following comic films:

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry in The Year 2007

You Don’t Mess with The Zohan in The Year 2008

Paul Blart, Mall Cop in The Year 2009 Featuring Adam Sandler.

Kevin James’ worth

In 2020 Kevin James’ net worth was 100 million united states dollars. Kevin’s name was a household name after the comic film The King of Queens with the role of Doug Heffernan. Kevin was paid 300,000 united states dollars in each episode. In the final season of The King of Queens, he was paid 400,000 united states dollars in each episode.

Kevin was the executive producer in the comic The King of Queens. He made 50 million united states dollars in the syndication deals up to date.

The Bottom Line

although Kevin James’s weight loss journey was filled with many challenges, he manages to do many exercises and feed on the right diet. Eventually, he lost weight. Kevin James is one of the many successful people to lose weight. Losing weight is possible as long as you decide on whatever results you want and stay committed.

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