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Spironolactone weight loss: Does it really work?

by GetHealthyShape
Spironolactone weight loss: Does it really work?
Spironolactone weight loss: Does it really work?

Spironolactone weight loss: Does it really work?

If you are on the lookout for weight loss solutions, I’m quite sure you’ve come across the supplement called Spironolactone. There are diverse postulations as per its effectiveness in weight loss. Some say it’s great in causing weight changes, while others believe that its main function is not weighted change. What should we believe? The answers are highlighted in this article, but first, let’s look at Spironolactone and its uses.


Spironolactone is a water pill called a diuretic. It removes excess fluid/water from various body parts, especially in the kidneys. It is also used to remove excess sodium and potassium. Spironolactone is basically a unique type in the class of medication. This is a pill that needs to be prescribed by your physician for you to consume.

It blocks the hormone aldosterone, which makes the body remove excess water and sodium but reduces the removal of potassium. This medication is fundamentally used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure and also treats the swelling caused due to these conditions.

Below are some of the important facts you should know about spironolactone Weight Loss.


Spironolactone Weight Loss

Spironolactone is medically approved by the United States Food and Drug Authority. Given that Spironolactone works by removing excess fluid/water from the body, it is no surprise that it can work as a catalyst for weight loss. However, it is not scientifically proven as a healthy drug for weight loss. It is worth noting that this drug does not work as efficiently as regular body exercise and a good diet for weight loss. Much as the water lost from using spironolactone may cause weight loss, the lost weight can quickly return when your body fluid becomes normal. Weight loss using Spironolactone has no scientific evaluations until now. All you need to know about weight loss using Spironolactone is that only the water retention in the body gets removed, which seems like weight loss. But this is not the same as losing fat with healthy nutrition and exercise.


Weight loss using Spironolactone may not last long as the water fluid levels can come to normal anytime. Also, this type of weight loss can cause dehydration, as water is excessively removed from the body. The dosages for weight loss differ from person to person and have to be directed by a physician.

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Spironolactone and Weight Gain

There is limited or no evidence at all to support the claim that Spironolactone can cause weight gain. Spironolactone might cause a few significant side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, and in some women, it can cause a change in the menstrual cycle but not weight gain. You might feel some other changes apart from those mentioned and if these changes and effects persist or become severe, visit your doctor. It is important to note that when spironolactone fails to work efficiently, the excess fluid is retained; hence, explaining the body weight. Always consult your doctor in case of weight gain.

Spironolactone usually takes out the excess water content in the body, which ultimately results in weight gain in most people who consume it. On the other hand, if spironolactone does not work well in treating conditions like Edema and Heart failure, it may lead to weight gain as the body retains more water content.


If you experience weight gain using Spironolactone, consult with your doctor for further advice.


Does it really work?

That spironolactone can help reduce weight is still not clear. But the fact that it helps flush excess fluids, which makes you look slimmer and healthier for a short period, cannot be disputed.


However, this comes along with a hazardous side effect which is loss of appetite. After using spironolactone for a while, you will discover that you no longer feel hungry, detrimental to your health.


Moreover, the drug is not a prescription for dieting. There are many ways you can lose weight through regular exercise or a proper calorie-controlled diet.

You might be one of those that think spironolactone causes weight gain. But, do you know there is no assurance that it does. It is even evident in the drug’s package insert as weight gain is not listed as one of its side effects.


Although many users of this medication have been claimed to have gained up to 25lbs after a specified period of usage,  experts have debunked this, claiming this is caused by high food intake and less participation in activities during the day for a long time and not by spironolactone.


You might also be worried that it will make your skin look worse, which is not true. Spironolactone does not really affect the skin.


However, you should note that the normal healthy weight reduction through good nutrition and regular exercise cannot be compared to this technique, which is a kind of water weight loss.

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With this in your mind, it is that spironolactone functions differently in our body systems. You’re more likely to lose weight during usage, which is normal and temporary, due to fluid reduction, leading to dehydration.  After completing the required dose, your normal body weight will return once the body fluid level is back to normal.


Weight loss and gain occur in the body as the drug is performing its function. It would help if you did not take them because you wish to reduce or add weight. Moreover, there is no scientific research that has proven that spironolactone is helpful in weight gain and loss. Spironolactone’s main function is the treatment of high blood pressure and other related health issues.


Spironolactone Reviews for Weight Loss

This oral drug has a high review of 7.2 out of 10 ratings regarding its positive effects on its users. Based on the ratings from drug.com, 63% of the users of this drug have experienced positive effects compared to the 21% that did not respond. This drug has effectively treated heart failure, high blood pressure, acne, swelling from kidney and liver disease, and other medical conditions. One user also noted a loss of 10kg immediately after she used spironolactone for her alopecia. For some people, spironolactone can help with their hair loss, while in others, it has the potential of causing significant hair loss. Other serious negative effects include growth of breasts in men, mild rash, low sodium level, and high potassium level, among others.


The Internet is flooded with reviews for this pill. Most people reported weight loss after using this water pill ‘Spironolactone.’ People from different walks of life have used this pill for different reasons. And most of them have reported weight loss due to loss of excess water, sodium, and potassium.


People mostly did not consume spironolactone for weight loss. Still, to treat other illnesses they had like Heart failure, Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Hypertension, Hair loss – Alopecia, Hirsutism, Premenstrual Syndrome, and Acne problems, .etc.


Most of the people who used Spironolactone aimed to cure acne and acne-related problems. They were successful, too; Spironolactone has many positive reviews curing acne and acne-related issues to the core.


Some above the age of 50 in women have commonly reported enlargement of breasts initially and then went back to normal.

According to reviews, it is noted that this medication has increased most user’s body weight. It added up to 25 lbs to their normal weight, which disproves that it helps reduce weight.

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What is Spironolactone?

Spironolactone is commonly known as a “water pill,” a “potassium-sparing diuretic,” and it is at most times used to treat high blood pressure as well as heart failure. They function as dominant diuretics in that they help flush surplus or excessive fluids from the body.


Can it be used for the treatment of hyperaldosteronism?

They serve as a powerful treatment for hyperaldosteronism, a disease related to hyperactive Adrenal Glands. They prevent your body from taking up excess salt and ensure that your body does not reach low potassium levels(hypokalemia).


How many pounds/kgs can one lose when on Spironolactone?

The answer to this is that one can lose approximately 5-11 pounds which is about 2.3-4.5 kg in the first week when coupled with a better food plan, and later on, can lose the weight consistently without a diet plan.’


How do I take spironolactone at what intervals?

Spironolactone is an oral drug that comes in the form of a tablet or liquid. It is most times prescribed to be taken once a day or twice a day at the same time every day. It is sometimes advised always to accompany it with a meal. You should always follow your doctor’s advice.


Does spironolactone really work?

Although scientific research does not guarantee that spironolactone causes weight loss, it is evident that it helps reduce weight in some people, especially fluid retention.


What if I take Spironolactone while nursing Kidney problems?

Intake of Spironolactone despite kidney problems will lead to water retention, which causes weight gain.


Does Spironolactone really have effects on body weight?

It is not evident that spironolactone has effects on body weight, as most users have claimed.



Spironolactone weight loss is not medically supported as effective. But given that it is an excess fluid removal drug, it should not come as a surprise that you lose weight following its use. Spironolactone is medically approved to primarily treat liver and kidney diseases, heart failure, high blood pressure. This drug has side effects, so it is important to consult your doctor.

The basic one you have to remember is that Spironolactone is a prescription medicine. Without the consultation of a doctor, consuming Spironolactone is highly not advisable. And there is no evidence that Spironolactone can help in weight loss. It can only help to reduce the fluid content of your body.

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