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Sleeping Naked and Its Major Benefits

by GetHealthyShape
Sleeping Naked and Its Major Benefits
Sleeping Naked and Its Major Benefits

Sleeping Naked and Its Major Benefits

The U.S International Institute of Health researched the benefits of sleeping naked. And the results were unexpected: the results showed that people who slept naked had a faster metabolism, helping them lose weight faster and perform their daily activities efficiently. Therefore, weight loss will prove a benefit that you will get if you’re planning to change how you sleep at night.

So, Does Sleeping Naked Make You Lose Weight?

Recent research tells us that only 8% of people sleep naked. Many people even practice taking cold showers as it improves metabolism. So what will you do? Will you take cold showers or be one of the 8% who sleeps naked?


Can Sleeping Naked Help You Lose Weight?

For many, sleeping naked might be an uncomfortable activity. But if you came all the way here to read this, you probably wondered how a person loses weight while sleeping. Of course, there are many fruitful weight loss methods known, but does sleeping without your clothes help you burn calories?

Everyone is struggling today to lose weight. But here I will tell you that you can lose weight by sleeping naked.

Can sleep naked help you lose weight? Yes, in an oblique way. Sleeping naked will aid you to get a higher night’s relaxation. With greater relaxation, you’re successful in exercising greater at some stage in the day, hence weight loss. The first thing you think of is not sleeping naked, but some benefits cannot be ignored when it comes to improving health. Since sleeping naked is relatively easy, it is time to take off your clothes and take a nap. That is for your health. Facts have proved that sleeping naked has many benefits. It has many health benefits, including:

  1. Better sleep quality
  2. Stress relief
  3. Skin health
  4. Reproductive health
  5. Body image and intimacy.

Many of these health benefits relate to this, but it is roughly divided into three main categories:

  1. Mental health
  2. Physical health
  3. Sexual health.

You may have heard of some, but others may surprise you.


Does sleeping naked make you lose weight?

Yes, because your body will be cooler at night, preferably about 1 °C lower than usual, so that you can sleep well. A study by the National Institutes of Health found that cooling down during sleep helps speed up your metabolism because your body will compensate for this by producing more brown fat to keep warm. Lower your body temperature slightly while sleeping and start burning more calories. This brown fat generates the calories needed to burn calories and stimulates the day metabolism. The more brown fat you have, the better your insulin sensitivity (the less belly fat you store), and the thinner you will be. A study published in the journal “Natural Medicine” stated that to increase your brown fat reserves significantly, you must spend two hours a day at 18 °C and wear it to keep it cool without freezing. Dutch scientists have discovered that people who spend time in a room where the temperature drops from 21 °C to 15 °C will burn an extra 6%. This means that if you normally burn about 2000 kcal a day, you can burn another 120 kcal.

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Does sleeping naked burn more calories?

Yeah, sure, it was assumed that by lowering body temperature during sleep, the body would release more growth hormone, essential for burning fat. We asked Rakes MD, a sleep expert at the University of Chicago, about hormonal connections. His answer is: When you sleep well, your body temperature will drop, and growth hormones are released. This is true. “Growth hormone has multiple metabolic functions,” “Burn fat and build muscle.” This allows you to gain a little advantage in the fight against weight loss and use visceral fat related to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke when losing weight. You sleep better naked. We have always known that good sleep is good for the brain. When skin temperature loses, then increases the depth of sleep and reduces the number of night awakenings, change the room temperature. By lowering the temperature, your calories are burned, so by sleeping naked, weight is lost.

In a nutshell, it has been proved that by sleeping naked, weight is lost. Sleeping naked burns your calories, burn your fats. Sleeping naked produces brown fat, which burns your calories by keeping you warm. By sleeping naked, boost your metabolism too. So, after reading this article, what can you close? Does sleeping naked lose weight?


What are the Benefits of Sleeping Naked?

Well, what if sleeping naked can do more than help you lose weight? This may sound unbelievable, but it is as beneficial as going for a walk! So why not use this to our advantage and get all the benefits by sleeping naked?


Here are the benefits that you can get just by taking the next step! :

Sleeping Naked Improves Your Mental Health:

According to the American Psychological Association, treating insomnia can have a positive impact on your mood. One of the ways is by getting into a deep sleep. One study has shown that sleeping naked can help the body achieve an optimal temperature required to keep the hormone levels balanced and get into a deep sleep.


Sleeping Naked Can Cause Weight Loss:

The National Institutes of Health has found out that sleeping naked can increase the brown fat in our bodies. The brown fat burns more calories, by which you can burn up to 120 kcals at a temperature of 18 degrees which will help you lose weight faster.


Sleeping Naked Improves Your Sexual Relationship:

Numerous studies have shown that having intercourse increases metabolism, improves the immune system, and reduces insomnia. Sleeping naked can lead to having more sex, thus improving the relationship and helping you lose weight at a time!

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Sleeping Naked Can Boost Up Your Confidence:

Sleeping naked gives you a chance to get more comfortable with your body, regardless of its size and shape. The University of Melbourne conducted a study that led them to find out that higher confidence can lead people to earn more!


Cools the Body:

Generally, our body temperature needs to drop 1% to get a good sleep. And guess what? Here is another benefit of sleeping naked it cools down your body. Scientists discovered that when people spent more duration in a place where the temperature decreased from 21˚C to 15˚C, they burned an additional 6 percent. To significantly boost your fat brown stores, you’ve acquired to spend two hours a day in 18C, dressed so that you’re cool but not freezing. That’s how you can burn some additional calories from your daily routine just by sleeping naked.


Stress-Free Sleep And Youthful Body:

Sleeping naked will relax your body on top of that; it will relax your mind, you’ll notice a difference in yourself, and you’ll wake up with a fresh mind. Our body produces less stress hormone cortisol when we are sleeping; however, after 2 am our body starts producing cortisol at this time; your body needs to relax.

The best way is to sleep naked to have a stress-free day ahead. Your heart and the immune system work better. As sleeping naked helps keep your body cool, it helps the melatonin in your body to function correctly. It helps us to regulate our sleep cycle. Another benefit of this hormone is anti-aging. This method will only help with youthfulness but will keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day.

GHS Talk: Could you sleep better without getting naked? Try out these hints — Tips to Improve Sleep.



Will I burn many Calories if I sleep naked?

Yup, you heard it. Sleeping naked has plenty of well-being benefits, including helping you to drop your weight. According to studies, keeping yourself relaxed while you sleep promotes your metabolism. The reason behind this is that your body produces more brown fat to keep you warm. Our body produces two kinds of fat white fat can’t do much, but Brown fat generates warmth by burning calories, which increases your metabolism all day long and helps you lose weight.


Is Will sleeping naked affect my body temperature?

The answer is yes, and with several other benefits, it helps you lose weight. According to studies, sleeping naked reduces your core body cortisol levels and temperature. That change causes you to burn more calories and acquire a better night of sleep.

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Will I enjoy my sleep if I sleep naked?

Sleeping naked will double the quality and comfort of your sleep.

You must’ve heard that relaxed sleep is good for your mind, but sleeping naked weight loss is the foremost benefit. You can’t even imagine how many advantages you can get by sleeping naked.


Will Sleeping Naked Make my Skin Healthier?

We all know how sleeping well can reduce the skin aging process and make our skin glow. But that is when sleeping naked plays its role again: it can make you fall asleep faster and for a considerable period. Don’t wait to shed those dead skin cells off and get that glowy skin!



Can sleep naked help you lose weight? Yes! Sleeping naked boosts your metabolism and cools down your body for a better-relaxed sleep.

All has been said and done! Sleeping naked reduces the risk of gaining weight and obesity on average; only 8% of people sleep naked if you are not one of them, give it a try. If sleeping naked will not benefit you, it will not harm you, at least. Sleeping naked has so many proven benefits, and I bet you once you start sleeping better, there’s no comeback from that.

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