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How To Manifest Weight Loss

by Mary Stroup
How To Manifest Weight Loss
How To Manifest Weight Loss

How To Manifest Weight Loss

In the context of physical fitness and health, weight loss refers to a reduction of the total body size or mass through loss of body fat, fluids, or lean mass, i.e., muscle, tendon, bone mineral deposits, and connective tissues.

Weight loss can occur naturally due to underlying disease or malnourishment or from efforts to perceive overweight. A medical condition known as cachexia is a symptom of weight loss caused by calorific flake or exercise.

Some beliefs attached to weight loss have either more negligible effects on weight loss or are actively not healthy. Diet routines in magazines are often believed to be much effective in weight loss but actually are hazardous by limiting the daily intake of necessary calories and nutrients. This often drives individuals away from weight loss.

Types of weight loss activities.

  • Intentional

This is the loss of total body mass due to an individual’s effort to improve their physical fitness or health. Obesity can be treated mainly through weight loss.

  • Unintentional

Results are due to loss of body fluids, muscle atrophy, and loss of body fats. This type of weight loss usually occurs because of an inadequately nutritious diet to a person’s body. Diseases cause unintentional weight loss, changes in metabolic reactions, reduced appetite or medications.

  • Health effects

Health risks such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, non-alcoholic liver disease, cardiovascular disease, etc., these complications associated with the health of an individual that causes weight loss.

Steps in the manifestation of weight loss.

Many people see the manifestation of weight loss as challenging; hence, most usually give up along the way before seeing the expected results. Manifesting is all about how an individual feels; hence it’s essential to have positive energy. Having a negative attitude or thoughts might limit you from manifesting weight loss. The following are steps taken during the manifestation of weight loss.

Find the negative thought or lie that you’ve been thinking about.

All people have that ‘’thought’’ and lie that they keep thinking about.

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The following are some excuses people have been thinking about:

  • Considerable weight is in the family lineage.
  • Can’t afford the suitable types of food recommended for weight loss.
  • Slow metabolism
  • The thought that you are big-bodied naturally and can’t lose weight.

To mention but a few, let these thoughts not run wild in your brain because the more you make these excuses, the more they sound as being accurate.

Refuse these believes that have been hindering you from joining the weight loss manifestation! Start insisting and following the opposite of these thoughts of falsehood! If you want to have your dream body wake up and work for it, let not the false food take you down!

Release your guilt and shame!

A false sense of shame and guilt has been deep-rooted in the society around those who don’t fit the standardized shape. There is a belief in society that if you are overweight, you are a lazy individual. Very disgusting! Emotional eating, heartbreak, anxiety, and depression are effects of shame and guilt so let go of them! Start thinking about how you feel and act like somebody who has already made it and has a perfect body. Only after this will you break the long-lasting guilt and shame and go for what you think is right.


Clarify your goals as to the reason why you want to lose weight.

What is the reason why you want to lose weight? Your intentions are good because they are the ones that give the reasons and determination to reach your world! Positive reasons will push you until you see the positive effects of your work, while negative intentions will always hinder you.

Here are examples of negative and positive reasons why someone may engage in weight loss manifestation:


  • you want the best part of yourself
  • you want to live a healthier and more wonderful life
  • Do you want more explosive energy


  • you want to give others a good impression of yourself.
  • You want to fit into society like the others whom you’ve
  • You want to avoid being judged by your peers.


Do away with the limiting beliefs around you.

These negative beliefs affect the way you think and act, which will, in turn, hinder you from manifesting your weight loss. The following are examples of these limiting beliefs:

  • It is tough to lose weight.
  • I’m not attractive to manifest weight loss.
  • I have no control over my weight since it is inherited from the family — do you think it’s taboo to lose it?
  • I can’t lose weight since God created me this way.
  • I am a failure.
  • What if I lose weight? Am going to gain it back anyway!
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Most of these beliefs are learned from your environment and the people around you; they affect weight loss manifestation.

For the high rate of succession to losing weight, have the courage to eliminate these beliefs.

Affirm your body!

Feel the maximum self-love energy as you perform this, let it be a routine, and do it daily, have that confidence!

A few examples of affirmations that increase body image include healthy and fit, the sense of confidence and self-love that I have are improving daily, am thankful for the things my body is capable of, and I’m always perfect!

Another alternative is listening to affirmation audios that help in weight loss.

Feel good, love, and accept yourself the way you are.

Manifestation is a fun and creative process, hence don’t feel fatigued or struggle much. Here are some tips:

  • Set your goals and treat yourself well.
  • Insert new exercises into your daily routine.
  • You should not force yourself on diets that you hate; always do what you love.
  • Treat yourself to body massage for relaxing.
  • Wear or dress in clothing that compliments your body shape.
  • You can oil which are vitamin-enriched to smear on your body.


Play to your heart’s content!

A healthy body takes action; playing is one of the ways to make your body take action. Let the surroundings guide you when it comes to playing; it shouldn’t be strenuous, and the general activity should be more fun. Weight loss will become a sense of breeze when you naturally have feelings of joy around your body and surrounding.

Love and enjoy the feeling of being physical.

We have physical bodies to immerse in the physical experience fully! Moreover gaining weight is caused by neglecting our physical bodies and surrounding! Appreciate your physicality. It is more of fun experiencing the physical reality. Always remember that life is always about balance; hence, it’s essential to equally nourish all aspects of the body, e.g., soul, mind, and physical body.


Celebrate and surrender the outcome to the world.

Don’t spend much time thinking about the outcome — let nature take its course. It is better to be patient and trust in yourself. The highest goods are reached when you let the world or surroundings guide you, bringing you to better heights.

As you go through the weight loss journey, be happy and celebrate every effort you put on. A journey always needs preparations for the better.

The bottom line

Weight manifestation should be effortless, without straining, and should be more fun. There should not be any internal resistance, if it happens, you are at risk of the results out of your expectations, and it will be very heartbreaking and demoralizing. With the several above tips in the manifestation of weight loss, they will give you a more straightforward path according to weight loss and fulfil your desired happy lifestyle.

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