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Weight loss after Abortion: Do you lose weight after an abortion?  

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Weight loss after Abortion: Do you lose weight after an abortion?  

Weight loss after Abortion: Do you lose weight after an abortion?


Are you thinking of Abortion? There may be many questions running in your mind, like: Do you lose weight after Abortion? Or do you gain weight after Abortion?  And many more questions. This may be a big decision for you, as it may affect your life emotionally, mentally, and physically. One must know all the aspects of any artificial physical changes. These decisions can either feel like a blessing or may feel like a curse. Read this article which may help you in clearing off all your doubts.

Abortion is a process in which pregnancy gets terminated by removing the product of conception from the mother’s body. It usually occurs before 28 weeks of pregnancy, and when it happens without any intervention is known as a miscarriage. Besides psychological issues, Abortion also has physical impacts on the body. Weight gain is one of them.

If you have gained weight after Abortion, you can control it with some easy methods, such as You should take nutritious food to get energy again and lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to exercise. Do light exercise in the beginning and start with walking.


Effects of Abortion.

Abortion may have both emotional and physical effects on the body of the woman. Most women can experience side effects after following an abortion. The most common effects are Bleeding, Cramping, Vomiting, etc. This symptom resolves in 14-15 days, but some cases may last as long as a month. Most of them recover quickly within a week or two. Others take a month or so.


  • Pain resembling periods, stomach cramps, and per vaginal bleeding are the most common effects occurring two weeks after Abortion.


  • Women may experience various bodily changes such as filled-up breasts, sensitive nipples, general body inflammation, and swelling of legs.


  • An overall increase in weight is a normal response of the body after Abortion because of the sudden hormonal changes. This hormonal imbalance temporarily leads to a condition called hypothyroidism which impacts the body’s weight and metabolism.


  • Women can see immediate complications like damaging the womb, excessive bleeding, and death in some cases.


  • There may be some physical changes like weight gain, and in rare cases, your weight may lose.
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Some more potential risks of medical Abortion include:

  • If the surgery fails, then it may result in unwanted pregnancy again
  • One may have prolonged heavy bleeding.
  • The digestive system may also be affected.
  • Incomplete Abortion may need to be followed by surgery.


After Abortion, do you lose weight?

‘Miscarriage’ is a word that shakes women mentally and emotionally. It also affects women’s bodies, and in some cases, the problem of weight gain is seen. Yes, you must be surprised to read that weight increases after abortion, but it does happen. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to hypothyroidism after an abortion. This can affect metabolism, and you may feel lethargic. Fatigue and weight gain can also occur in hypothyroidism. Weight gain can occur even if hormones are not balanced. Therefore, At this time, eat fruits and vegetables, whole wheat, eggs, and meat, etc.


But wait, do you lose weight after an abortion?

Normally you don’t lose weight after an abortion. Instead, weight gain is common due to hormonal changes in the body. Women’s bodies experience changes as the fetus grow in her womb, and after an abortion, these changes are why you don’t lose weight just after removing the fetus from the body. However, you can lose weight after an abortion with proper diet and exercise. Counseling by a healthcare provider may be very helpful in dealing with emotional stress, which may cause weight gain after a miscarriage. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. You have to strive for it and train your body to help it back to normal shape.

You will lose weight if you fall in 20-30% slab. There are very few chances of weight loss after an abortion. As per my research, after an abortion, many women consult an expert and ask about losing weight. Also, I myself visited a doctor and asked him to mention that changes in weight loss are around 20-30% compared to gaining weight.

Around two and a half years ago, a relative of my friend gone through an abortion. At my request, my friend asked her about her experience. She experienced some little complications for a short period of time. Yes, she gained around 7-8 KG.

In short, weight loss is not a major or most experienced result of Abortion.


Do you gain weight after an abortion?

Yes, you will gain weight. Some will have excessive weight gain, and some will see a minor gain. As per the doctor, minor growth in weight will not make any difference in your body and fitness. But, if you are going through excessive weight gain, then you must immediately consult your doctor. In any case, the growth in weight in weight is the increase of unwanted fat. After an abortion, weight gain is a very common phenomenon. Depression is one of the most common causes of weight gain after abortion. Women usually overlook their diet in depression and consume extra calories resulting in substantial weight gain.

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Hormonal changes after the Abortion affect your body’s metabolism, which may cause weight gain and fatigue.

Habitual eating may continue after Abortion which can lead to weight gain. Most women remain stuck in the habit of eating extra calories as they were taking during pregnancy.

One rare cause of weight gain after Abortion is another pregnancy because ovulation starts again after the Abortion.


Can you gain weight after Abortion?

Yes, you can gain weight after Abortion as it is said that nothing is impossible. If you had a weight loss after Abortion, you could gain a balanced weight with a proper diet and experienced guidance. A healthy weight is very necessary for physical strength as well as confidence. Always remember the difference between a healthy weight and unwanted fat.


It is very normal to gain weight after an abortion. This gain is the hormonal changes that get started early in the pregnancy and continue to few weeks after the termination of pregnancy, whether in the form of Abortion or normal vaginal delivery. Fluctuating hormones change your metabolism. You may go into a hypothyroidism state in which weight gain substantially occurs due to sluggish metabolism. Some women start consuming extra calories to balance the body’s nutritional needs, leading to weight gain. It may also be the side effect of some medications you consume after Abortion on your doctor’s prescription.




What should I do to stop weight gain after Abortion?

Change the diet that you were taking after the pregnancy, completely after the miscarriage. Do not take too much stress as stress can also be a major reason for weight gain. When you are emotionally weak, you feel more hungry and feel like eating something. In such a situation, you should eat only healthy snacks.


After Abortion, how long should I stay before exercising?

After the Abortion, when you start feeling healthy, then start exercising. Do light exercise in the beginning and start with walking, cycling, or swimming.


What kind of diets should I take after Abortion?

Not only delivery, but weight is also more likely to increase after abortions. During pregnancy, you should take a high-calorie diet, but after abortions, you should stop it. You should now cut 500 calories from your diet. Do not reduce its quantity suddenly but gradually. After Abortion, the body becomes weak, and you should take nutritious food to regain energy and lose weight. At this time, eat fruits and vegetables, whole wheat, eggs, and meat, etc. The best way to lose weight is to exercise.

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Why will I feel lethargic after Abortion?

Miscarriage has happened, so now you can control it by taking some measures from the very beginning to prevent your weight gain. Depression is the most common cause of weight gain after an abortion. When you are under stress, you feel more hungry, and when you consume more calories, you gain weight. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to hypothyroidism after an abortion. This can affect metabolism, and you may feel lethargic. Fatigue and weight gain can also occur in hypothyroidism. Weight gain can occur even if hormones are not balanced.


In Summary

Everyone has different body types, and every change made to the body results in different complications. This article was based on doctor’s advice and experiences of women from different regions and lifestyles. I tried to cover everything and answer the most common questions, but we suggest consulting your preferred doctor. Abortion is a very sad event. Along with the grief of losing your baby, you may also be feeling feelings of guilt or anger. Also, physically, it will be very painful and difficult for you to bear it. If you understand Abortion, then it can help in overcoming it. Read here why miscarriages happen and what you can do to get over them.

Weight gain is the common problem most women face after an abortion. Various body changes are the reason for substantial weight gain, including hormonal imbalance. However, you can lose weight with proper exercise, diet, and stress management. Don’t skip your meal to combat weight gain, and always get hydrated as it removes toxins from your body.

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